LETTERS – Voters must clean up Village of Boyne Falls

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Most of the Village of Boyne Falls Council should be recalled, especially Village President Bill Carson, his father Bill Carson Sr. and JoAnn Bell, his aunt.

For one thing this is too many relatives on this council and that is wrong.

They have always thought that they own this town and they don’t.


The President has made some very serious mistakes over the last year. One was in violation of the open meetings act, if you don’t know the job you shouldn’t be doing it.

There has been a lot of shady business going on with the Village Clerk and yet she is still the clerk.

What are they doing with our tax dollars? This kind of thing needs to stop and they need to be answerable to the taxpayers of this town.

Let me tell you that as a taxpayer they don’t care what you think and if you want them to care I suggest you show up at the meetings to make them accountable for their actions.

They make ordinances based on whether or not the Carson family likes you or not. Lately they have done another sign ordinance regarding personal yards not businesses but your own home.

Mike Kondrat Sr. has an old gas station sign hanging on his garage which says nothing it is just a horse with wings, how is that a sign?

Now they don’t want us put signs like LOOK TWICE SAVE A LIFE in our yards. This is a national campaign, I guess they don’t care about anyone that loses their life on a motorcycle.

That is why people in this Village need to step up to the plate and either recall these people and their prejudices or start a petition for the township to absorb the Village.

Our Township board is a good board with good people on it that know what they are doing.
Marilyn Cousineau
Boyne Falls