LETTERS – Vote Ferguson, concerns with Camp SeaGull, write-in Morgan

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Here are four recent letters to the editor which appeared in the Boyne City Gazette July 25 edition. Send your pithy opinions to editor@boynegazette.com

Vote Ferguson
I would like to take this opportunity to share my support for the re-election of Nancy Ferguson, District 5 Charlevoix County Commisssioner.
Nancy has held this position for the past four years, representing the five townships of Eveline, Marion, Norwood, Peaine, and St. James in Charlevoix County.

She currently serves on seven committees and boards working together to accomplish the needs of the Ironton Ferry, road improvements, COA programs, recycling sites, humane society, and recreational sites and trails, to name a few.
She makes herself available to her constituents and addresses any issues or concerns they might have.
Nancy possesses the qualities of a public servant with high standards, honesty, and integrity.
Nancy Ferguson has the experience, knowledge and drive to work hard for the betterment of Charlevoix County.
Vote Aug. 7 to re-elect Nancy Ferguson, District 5 Charlevoix County Commissioner.
Joan L. Balch
Marion Township


Unhappy Campers
My name is Susan Pyke and I live near Camp SeaGull Park.
I’ve seen the PARK CLOSED sign, looked at all the marker stakes in the ground and watched the big equipment roll in that will destroy the environment of a beautiful and unique parcel on Lake Charlevoix.
Those of us who truly love Lake Charlevoix are devastated!
I stand and picture what could have been: a beautiful landscape with old shade trees, picnic tables, a ballfield, a children’s playground, tennis court, maybe a pickleball court, bathrooms with flush toilets, a pavilion for social activities—the list goes on.
All of this would benefit hundreds of Hayes Township residents and other guests who visit our area.
All of this could be accomplished with far less money cost to Hayes Township than is being spent on a city-size boat launch and fishing pier which benefits only a few who own big boats.
In one of the original marketing materials, it says “preserving the woods and undeveloped shoreline and the historic character and beauty of the area.”
In another Fact Sheet it states “the Township envisions a launch for small boats. We anticipate access for beach use, walking trails, and similar activities soon after acquisition.”
Area residents would have been saying: “well done, Marlene”; “way to go, Robin”; and, “cheers, Paul.”
Instead you have not done any of these projects you told us you would have done.
You have been unwilling to listen and really hear what residents have been asking you to consider and even the results of a survey you conducted with restrooms, swimming area and picnic area as the top 3 requests have been tossed aside.
You three are now subject to a Recall Election in November. You’ve lost the respect residents had for you as your integrity, honesty and principles have given away to authoritarian power.
The grave sadness is the loss of what could have been “a jewel in the crown” of Hayes Township.
A nature filled beautiful park alive with activities for all families.
What an accomplishment it would be to see this smaller Michigan township with the foresight to capitalize on this immense asset providing the best use of this property for the most people to enjoy.
You still have the chance to “hold on this project”!
The terrible damage has not yet been done.
Listen to your residents.
Get their input for the park they want to support with their tax money.
I am asking each of you—Marlene, Robin, Paul. Please reconsider your decision.
Susan Pyke


Support Nancy
I support Nancy Ferguson for County Commissioner and will vote for her Aug. 7. and Nov. 6.
I serve with Nancy on the COA advisory board.
She is a positive pro-active voice for the community.
Linda Fineout
East jordan


Write-in morgan
Matt Morgan, Democratic candidate for 1st District Representative in Congress, must be elected.
Jack Bergman has persistently failed to demonstrate an interest in addressing the 1st District’s and Michigan’s economic, environmental and social challenges.
Matt Morgan, a former Marine, and 1st District resident, understands and has the experience to complete the complex mission of representing the people of the 1st District in Washington.
When you vote on August 7, go to the Democratic Primary column.
Locate the blank space for Representative in Congress, 1st District.
Fill in the bubble on the blank line. Write Matt Morgan.
Brenda Rusch
Traverse City