LETTERS – Boyne Falls Village Council should be repsected

letters to the editor

[2nd in series]

This letter is in response to a previous incendiary entry in your newspaper written by Marilyn Cousineau of Boyne Falls, which was based on her subjectively biased opinions.

She grossly exaggerated and perpetuated negative and inaccurate gossip concerning the Boyne Falls Village Council without giving all the facts.


Ms. Cousineau has not attended a Boyne Falls village meeting since her departure from the Village Clerk position back in the late 1990s, so how does she know, or even pretend to care, what is going on in her own village?

Yet she encourages other residents to “show up at the meetings.”

Other hypocritical details that Ms. Cousineau neglects to mention is that during her interim as the village clerk, there were multiple Cousineau relatives serving on the same village council, yet she now condemns this.

Also, there was “shady business going on” then which led to the mass exodus of the controlling clan, and debt for the village to recover from.

The current village president, Bill Carson Jr., worked hard to eradicate this debt all while effectively running the village, and there is now a healthy surplus.

Mr. Carson and the Boyne Falls Village Council members perform a valuable and necessary service to our village, all for little pay and minimal recognition or appreciation.

They deserve our respect and support, not mindless backstabbing.

Marcelle Litt
Boyne Falls