LETTERS – Boyne Falls Council rebuttal rebuttal

letters to the editor

[3rd in series]

I would like to respond to Marcelle Litt’s letter to the editor.

You are correct in saying that I am a hypocrite for not attending the meetings over the years since I left my position as Village Clerk to become the County Treasurer.

I did attend one meeting since leaving and that was to offer to purchase their tax program which my office paid for, the only thing I asked of them was to pay the annual maintenance.

I however attended the Council Meetings for 16 years as the Clerk and quite frankly I was tired of it.

It isn’t that I didn’t care what was going on I was just tired of the meetings and learning my new job at the time took some of my personal time.

As far as the Cousineau’s both being on the Council you are wrong so get your facts straight, even if I had been on the Council when my husband was on it I didn’t have a vote as clerk of course back then the Village President didn’t have a vote either except to break a tie.

As far as my husband putting the Village in debt, I would like to know what that debt was.

The only debt the Council had when I was clerk was for the truck (snow plow) and the water tank and my husband wasn’t on the council at that time.

You really need to get your facts straight before you make accusations.

My son-in-law was also on the Council but not at the same time as my husband was.

As for the last meeting I have to say that was the most unprofessional meeting I have ever attended. Bill Carson, the Village President needs to have better control and you interfering didn’t help as far as I could see you have been causing a lot of the problems that have been going on.

You need to let him handle the meeting and if he can’t do it on his own he shouldn’t have the job. Bill Jr and Mike Kondrat both need to learn to control their tempers.

Their outbursts have no place at a public meeting.

I have attended many types of meetings over the years and this one was the worst meetings I have ever seen.

This is a lack of respect the Council members have for one another and for the tax payers of this town.

I will say that I do agree with the noise ordinance and you had a valid point but that is the only good thing I have to say.

I do commend Bill Carson Sr. for trying to get some order, but it should never have gotten that far.

Bill Jr. shouldn’t start off a meeting with saying that there will be no chatter in the audience, which was just rude, he was treating us like the children he and Mike acted like during the meeting.

Another couple left the meeting because of all the yelling that was going on as well as my husband and myself.

I guess we are stuck with this council since no one wants to step up to the plate and run against them.

Although if you want to run for one of these seats you can still run as a write in. You have until two weeks before the election in November to do a letter of intent with the County Clerk’s office.

Marilyn Cousineau
Boyne Falls