Leadership Charlevoix County hosts euchre tourney for eco-fundraiser

This fun night of euchre and Beatles music on vinyl will help raise money for the LCC 2018 class project “Beetle Mania.”

The goal of the project is to control the spread of the invasive species Purple Loosestrife, which is infesting our beautiful waterways in Charlevoix County.


Leadership Charlevoix County (LCC) and Stiggs Brewery & Kitchen in Boyne City are hosting a Euchre Tournament & Beatles Vinyl Night from 7-10 p.m. on Monday April 9.

The Euchre Night event will have a $10 buy-in, with all of these funds directly benefitting the LCC project.

Purple Loosestrife is an aquatic plant native to Europe and Asia that made its way to the United States for ornamental purposes and then spread through ballast water and other means.

While Purple Loosestrife has a pretty flower, given the right conditions, Purple Loosestrife infestations can result in dramatic disruption in water flow in rivers and streams, and a sharp decline in biological diversity as native food and plant species are completely crowded out; the life cycles of organisms from waterfowl to amphibians to algae are also affected.

Imagine no longer being able to kayak down your favorite river or lose trout in your favorite fishing hole.

Once established, loosestrife stands are difficult and costly to remove by mechanical and chemical means.

LCC class of 2018 has opted for the biological control method—the introduction of its natural predator, Galerucella beetles, or Purple Loosestrife beetle.

Releasing these beetles establishes a long-term population of beetles at the infestation site. Rather than replacing one invasive species with another, the beetles feed almost exclusively on Purple Loosestrife and once their food source is gone, the beetles will die off as well.

LCC is attempting to raise money to purchase the beetles to be released in sites around Charlevoix County. Current sites being looked at are Oyster Bay, the Boyne River at Riverside Park, Melrose Township Park, and a location between East Jordan and Ironton.

If you are unable to attend the fundraiser, but have interest in supporting the project, donations are appreciated.

Donations may be mailed to Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council (TOMWC) at 326 Bay St., Petoskey, MI 49770.

Make checks out to TOMWC with “Beetles-LCC” in the memo line.

You may also donate online or learn more about this project on our website at www.beetlemanialcc.com.


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