June 5 tour of Boyne City HS building trades project home

student house

For the 42nd consecutive year, the Boyne City High School’s Building Trades program has completed a student constructed home from start to finish, from foundation to the final product.

This year’s home is located at 1107 Wilson Street in Boyne City steps away from Avalanche Preserve.

An Open House is scheduled for June 5th from 4-7 p.m. This year’s home has 1850 square feet, 3 spacious bedrooms and 2 tiled bathrooms.

The Board of Education will set the price at the June 11th Board meeting and offers will be accepted on June 15th.

This year the house will be featured as one of the five homes in the Home Builders Association of Northern Michigan Inaugural Parade of Homes June 22-24.

For more information please go to https://www.hbanm.com/paradeofhomes/.

The Building Trades program is one of Char-Em ISD’s Career and Technical Education programs. Char-Em states, “Construction Technology courses are designed to provide students with theory as well as practical experience in all areas of construction. Students will be involved in the construction of a home from start to finish. Related occupations include architect, engineer, draftsman, realtor, interior designer, developer, supplier, and skilled trades such as carpenter, mason, plumber, electrician, cabinetmaker, floor/tire installer and painter.”

12th grade Boyne City High School student Lorin Burch shared his experience about participating in Building Trades this year, “Building Trades was quite a cool experience for me. I have always been into working with my hands, whether it be furniture in wood working class to building a house, it has always intrigued me. I signed up to do Building Trades not because I would build my own house someday, but to gain experience for things that I may want to build in the future. Not only did I learn more in one building trades class than in multiple academic classes, I learned what kind of work it takes to construct that seemed like a huge undertaking. In 9 months, for two hours a day in my class, we went from a hole dug in the ground that our instructor Mr. Todd Shumaker said would eventually be a house.

Now we are finishing some siding and painting in my finals days of my high school career. It is challenging at times to be learning so much, and every now and again, have to pull up some flooring or a board that wasn’t cut or laid right; but, from the start Mr. Shumaker told us that just because we are a bunch of kids learning how to build a house doesn’t mean it has to have that “name” that a bunch of kids built it.

Building this house was more than just constructing something that we would gain experience and knowledge on, it was really rewarding, to say that I (and some other classmates) built this. It will be something I never forget, the bonus of it all is, it wasn’t just hard work, it was fun. I get to go to building trades, not have to go to building trades. From the setting forms, to the creation of our beautiful laminate countertops, these are skills I will never lose.”

Come out a support the students and see their extraordinary work on June 5th or during the Parade of Homes June 22-24. If you would like more information please contact the main office at 231-439-8190.