Jordan River Arts Council exhibit features clay-by-hand works

JRAC Exhibit Opening on “Handbuilding,” Creating with Clay Without a Potter’s Wheel

Opening Reception 
Sunday, April 8 from 1-4pm
Exhibit Open April 8 – April 29
Tuesday through Sunday from 1 -4 pm.

The Jordan River Arts Council opens its 2018 Season with an exhibit of vessels and sculptures created out of clay by hand without the aid of a pottery wheel.

This exciting exhibit shows us the incredible variety of form and expression potters can create using handbuilding techniques.

Some of the artists represented are Kristy Avery, Susan Barber, Rosita Gendernalik, Mary Guntzviller, Julie Kradel, Cynthia Tschudy, Barb Van Pelt, Guy Veryzer and Melissa Zelenak. We are also fortunate to have several pieces on loan from the collection of Jane Diller.

Visitors to the gallery will find a wide variety of pieces, some that are functional, some whimsical and some sculptural.

Many of the artists represented are inspired by nature: birds, animals, insects and plants emerge from the clay according to each artist’s unique techniques and visions.

Pieces are finished in a variety of ways using stains, glazes and paints. Much of the work is for sale. If you love pottery and hand work we invite you to come to this exhibit. You will love it!

The Handbuilding Exhibit runs from Sunday April 8 through Sunday April 29. The Jordan River Arts Center is open Tuesday through Sunday from 1 -4 pm.

We are located at 301 Main Street in East Jordan.

More information about this exhibit can be obtained by calling Cynthia Tschudy at 231 544 6167.