Horton Bay 4th of July fun to include unveiling of ’28th Amendment’

horton bay captain bill

The 28th Amendment has been maligned as fiction by the internet, and we know that everything on the internet must be true!

However, it was discovered in Horton Bay, Michigan, by Noted Raconteur and retired ship’s Captain William S. Hart.


He was overwhelmed with emotion on his discovery of this elusive article of Jurisprudence.

“I was flummoxed. While cutting down an old tree, I found in a hollowed out part of the base a well-aged capsule. I had to use a half-stick of dynamite to open it, and, shiver me timbers if what looked like a ragged piece of paper turned out to be the 28th AMENDMENT!”

Captain Bill is afraid that this artifact will be swooped up by the Government and withheld from the rightful recipients, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

He has graciously agreed to share it with as many people as possible, by exhibiting it in Horton Bay on The Fourth of July.

He expects that there will be just under 50,000 people jostling for position for the viewing so it would be wise to be in Horton Bay no later than 12:30 that afternoon to be ready for the 1:00 parade.

The 28th Amendment is about Patriotism – Expressing Ourselves!

Be there, as Captain Bill has graciously agreed to sign autographs.

Horton Bay invites all to our (eclectic) Fourth of July Parade celebrating the Heritage we are all proud of.

Editor’s note: This satirical article was submitted by the Horton Bay Parade Committee. While the parade is real, God only knows what the 28th Amendment will say—it is Horton Bay, after all.