GUEST COMMENTARY: The East Jordan pot proposition

By Mitch MacKay of East Jordan

EAST JORDAN, MICHIGAN, population 2343, 2018, where river, lake and friendly people meet.

Of these 2343 friendly people, 7 commissioners meeting, 1 Mayor presiding, 1 City Manager overseeing, 8-10 concerned and dedicated members of the City Planning, un-unanimously declined to take a stand on allowing in-town East Jordan voters to embrace State law which has legalized possession and imbibing of marijuana for recreational atop medical usage.


Not taking a stand locally means no-contest i.e. “Opting Out.”

How each person voted or murmured dis/approval can be found by consulting press reports as they are forthcoming, but for the interim the general opinion is “tabled,” meaning Now, hold on, folks, let’s not get too anxious here.

Voters, however, calmly concluded legality.

A map of counties for and against is available online with predictable coloration green and violet, or blue and red as the case may be, college areas naturally going for the pot, with a definite plurality of Northwestern Lower Peninsula counties toking up, I mean opting in.

East Jordan is vacillatingly opting out but that’s nebulous so far since some need more time to think about it.

In a fair and balanced town decision, a vote would be put forward for the people of East Jordan to decide this issue, like, however many voters there are amongst the 2,343 people registered as residents.

That would be a rational way to decide such matters as who can do what in their homes, on the streets, in the parks, maybe not in their cars and trucks if that forebodes something like DUI matters, but in general the people should determine what they want to do and when and where by Democratic opinion.

This is an issue beyond a 7-person committee, clerks and managers.

FDR made marijuana illegal in 1937.

And here we thought he was a pothead with all that New Deal and Repeal of Prohibition and World War Two and prosperity and so on.

He seemed like a High Guy.

But no, he was conflicted.

Well, sort of like East Jordan Planners.

It’s legal but some don’t think it should be.

Of course anyone can simply drive out beyond the City Limits and toke up legally, thumb noses at passing cop cars and concerned citizens with cell phones, taunt little kids in backseats by blowing smoke-rings for their mirth and amusement.

Pot’s legal in townships, which means everywhere but inside town parameters, which are a miniscule portion of a county in such rural areas as these.

Now, we know that many who may seem to be mugwumps don’t really care whether it’s flaunted or just casually adopted.

Mugwumps as you may know derive from a coined phrase meaning someone who has one’s mug on one side of the fence and her wump on the other.

This is typical political play and is merely a ploy to let the smoke, ha, ha, settle as it will.

One thing certain, the smoke is not about to clear.  Not with a majority of voters from out ten million residents in support of it.

No one can stand in the doorway of evolution whether it’s called progress, regress, devolution, Make American Great Again, or Dooby-ville USA.

And inevitably there is a contingent of folks who are deadly set against any kind of stimulant that forebodes evils of free anything.

And they stand ready with cell phone to curtail any and all activities not in accord with prejudiced opinion.

In Ann Arbor they’re dancing in the streets.  O, wait, they already were; that’s right, it’s been sort of legal there for decades.

But wait, what about the Narc Squads?

Straits Area Narcotics Enforcement (SANE), Traverse Narcotics Team (TNT) and so on.

What’re they gonna do now?

And what about all those people in jails and prisons for holding/selling weed?

Will their convictions be expunged?

Will the steel doors be flung open?

Will they get a couple joints along with a bus ticket on the way out?

Meanwhile, back in little ol’ East Jordan, Michigan the beat goes on to a waffling tune of indifference or maybe concern or closet-stash or something.  Put it to a vote, guys and girls, let the people decide what the people want.

It’s not POTVILLE USA or anything; this is a statewide resolution.

Everybody wants to get stoned – uh, that is, utilize medical and recreational cannabis with proper discretion.

Many say logically that like alcohol some restrictions need be implemented.

First, you treat it like alcohol in terms of interaction, working, driving, and so on, be sensible.

Okay, that should do it – LET’S PARTY.

O, wait, no, let’s be sensible here; we’re civilized, right?

This can work, just be cool about this, let it blend naturally, organically.  Hey, man, wanna get stoned?