DN North American Championship Regatta ice yacht racers coming to Lake Charlevoix

The 2018 DN North American Championship Regatta will be held Thursday Jan. 25 on Lake Charlevoix.

The race was originally scheduled to occur last Saturday in New Hampshire but was cancelled due to weather conditions.

The call was made by race officials recently to move it to Lake Charlevoix in Northern Michigan.

Officials expect between 100 to 125 racers from all over the U.S. and Canada.

The planned course stretches from Charlevoix County’s Whiting Park to Young State Park. The race will be based out of Whiting Park.

Ice yachting is a sport wherein lightweight boats, essentially on ice skates, zoom at high speeds across lakes.

The conditions have to be just right, with great ice and little to no snow on top.

Charlevoix County has those conditions thanks to the little warm-up a few days ago with rain, then a quick plummet back to frigid temperatures.

Photo by Amanda Palmer | http://na.idniyra.org