City talks reward, millage, poverty exemption

boyne city hall

The Boyne City Commission met Tuesday Sept. 29 for its regular bimonthly meeting to discuss a number of business items, including grant opportunities and the central dispatch millage.

Following are highlights from the meeting:

Reward offered
Boyne City Manager Michael Cain announced there is now a $500 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of whoever defaced a building at Holiness Camp and some city sidewalks.

Poverty exemption
Consideration to approve Poverty Exemption Guidelines, including the asset test in compliance with State Tax Commission guidelines as presented.
Boyne City Clerk and Treasurer Cindy Grice told the commissioners that, from time to time, the Board of Review receives Poverty Exemption Requests to exempt property taxes in whole, or part, by reasons of poverty.
The Tax Act requires local units of government to adopt guidelines that set income levels, along with an asset level test.
The asset level test sets a maximum dollar amount for the assets to be considered, while the state requires that income levels not be set lower than the federal poverty guidelines that are updated annually.
She said the Board of Review should follow these guidelines for granting or denying poverty exemptions.
These guidelines will be updated annually to meet the statutory requirements of MCL 211.7u.
The motion was unanimously approved

Property Transfer
Consideration to approve a resolution waiving penalty fees and interest for failure to file a property transfer affidavit and authorize the city manager and/or city clerk to execute the document.
Grice told the commission that the General Property Tax Act requires a buyer, grantee or other transferee to file a property transfer affidavit with the appropriate assessor of the local unit of government of which the property is located.
The act also imposes penalties for the failure to file a property transfer affidavit after 45 days.
That penalty is $5 per day, with a maximum fee of $200.
That same section also provides that the local unit of government may waive, by resolution, the penalties levied for the failure to file a property Transfer Affidavit.
Since 99 percent of the affidavits are received timely, Grice said the occasional late one is difficult for the assessors to track.
She also said these fees have never been a revenue stream for the city.
The motion was unanimously approved

Grant Opportunity
The commission considered a motion to apply for a $5,000 grant from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation for one of three proposed projects:
1 – Purchase of the Draco View Art Sculpture currently displayed in Sunset Park
2 – Purchase a heating unit for the Veterans Park Pavilion
3 – Construct internal walls for the proposed kitchen area within Veterans Park Pavilion
Boyne City Harbor Master and Executive Assistant Barb Brooks discussed the grant application for community projects that were due on Oct. 1.
The commission decided to apply for the grant to purchase a heating unit for Veterans Park Pavilion.

Ballot Proposal
Pam Woodbury from Charlevoix Cheboygan Emmet 911 Dispatch presented the city commission with information regarding the ballot proposal for the upcoming November election.
The proposal is to permit Charlevoix County to levy up to .5 mils for the purpose of providing funds for its share of the costs of the radio equipment upgrade for use by the CCE 911 Dispatch Authority and emergency services.
Woodbury said the current system has many gaps in coverage and discussed times when there was a lack of coverage during critical times.
Boyne City Police Chief Jeff Gaither said the system they currently have is “poor at best” and that the system being proposed is a very robust system that works in most places.
The commissioners discussed discussing the possible resolution in support of the ballot proposal at a future meeting.