Charlevoix County Sheriff warns of ‘missed jury duty for cash’ scam

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Charlevoix County Sheriff Chuck Vondra would like to reiterate the concern over a scam circulating the community where a male subject poses as Lt. Scott of the Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office.

The caller advises there is an outstanding warrant in the citizen’s name because they missed a jury request and funds are needed to clear the charge.

The caller asks the citizen to purchase a “money pack” at Walgreens, Dollar General or Rite-aid.

Once the purchase of the “money pack” is made, the caller asks the citizen to scratch the back of the card for a number and the number is given to the caller.

At least one local resident purchased a card for $300, and turned the number over to the caller.

He then asked the resident to go directly to the sheriff office.

When the resident reached the sheriff office, the caller hung up.

The Charlevoix County Sheriff will contact the stores listed here about this scam to try to prevent further scams.

Please be aware and suspicious of all telephone calls and potential scams.

The subject claiming to be Lt. Scott has a commanding voice, may have an accent, and sounds authentic.