CHARLEVOIX COUNTY: Local, state, fed law enforcement security training May 18

Charlevoix County Sheriff Office, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, and Emmet Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, and members of the Michigan National Guard Quick Reactionary Force will be conducting situational training events during Northern Exposure 2018, May 18, at various locations around Charlevoix County.


“Northern Exposure is the Michigan National Guards venue to test our ability to respond in a Domestic Operations event. This preparation ensures the Guard is ready to support the state on Michigan’s Emergency Management plan on the Michigan’s worst day,” said Col. Sean Southworth, the Joint Forces Operations Director.

Northern Exposure has been conducted since 2015.

Participants have included seven counties, dozens of federal, state, and local agencies, and numerous commercial partners supporting facilities focused on a response to a complex catastrophic event in Michigan.

“We have invited the National Guard to train together on integration into our local response capabilities. It is our aim to fully prepare our local responders to all levels of emergency response, including multiple local and state agency collaboration,” said Charlevoix County Sheriff Chuck Vondra.

This effort will help ensure the readiness of the Michigan National Guard to provide support to local authorities in times of attack or disaster.

An exercise of this type helps responders at all levels to coordinate and communicate effectively during any type of domestic incident.