Charlevoix County courts and clerk filings


The latest information on court cases and filings in the courts and clerk office of Charlevoix County as they appear in the Wednesday May 9 edition of the Boyne City Gazette.


District Court
The following cases were recently heard in Charlevoix’s 90th District Court:
Timothy Kendal Foster, 36 of Mobile, Alabama, Operating with license suspended/revoked/denied. To pay $350 in fines and costs.

The following businesses have filed an assumed name in Charlevoix County:
Cody Schofield Painting by Cody Schofield at 02098 Cosaboka Drive in East Jordan
Sip, Pick, and Pack by Polly W. Cheney at 05520 Horton Creek Drive in Charlevoix
Common Courtesy Creations by Michael Curtis at 2225 Center Street, Lot 4 in Boyne Falls
Ray Ray’s Pearls by Rayanne Hanbeck at 1904 Marion Center Road in Charlevoix
Rock Bottom Transportation by Damon V. Reich at 7889 Boyne City Road in Boyne City
Visit Charlevoix by Amanda Wilkin at 109 Mason Street in Charlevoix
Andrew Frykberg by Andrew Frykberg at 501 Groveland Street in Boyne City
R&S Dock and Cottage Care by Andrew Reynolds at 3485 Metros Road in Boyne Falls
R-Tech Charlevoix by Roderick A. Henry at 6585 North M-66 in Charlevoix
V. King Services by Michael A. Hosler at 9955 US-31 in Ellsworth

Marriage Licenses
The following people applied for marriage licenses with the Charlevoix County Clerk’s Office:
John Robert Roszkowski, 33 and Rachel Julia Connor, 29, both of La Grange, Illinois
Mickey Lee Swarthout, 23 and Kassie Ryan Burke, 21, both of Petoskey
Aaron N. Stutzman, 21 and Shayla Evony Jane Burman, 23, both of Round Rock, Texas
Mickey Lee Swarthout, 23 and Kassie Ryan Burke, 21, both of Charlevoix
Nathan Charles Bellmer, 27 and Savanna Heather Matelski, 24, both of East Jordan
Circuit Court
The following cases were recently heard in Charlevoix’s 33rd Circuit Court:
Nicholas James Thelen, 23 of Charlevoix, criminal sexual conduct, second degree. To serve 57 months to 15 years in prison with credit for 30 days served. To pay $608 in fines and costs.
Rachel Elizabeth Rowland, 35 of Petoskey, delivery/manufacture of narcotics. To serve 90 days in jail with credit for three days served, 240 days held in abeyance. To be placed on probation for 18 months, $1,436 in fines and costs.

The following people were recently granted a divorce in Charlevoix County:
Roger Warrington vs. Riki Warrington
Jane Booze vs. Neil Booze
Beth Anzell vs. Patrick Anzell
David Schwartzfisher vs. Amy Schwartzfisher
David Skeel vs. Geralyn Skeel