Charlevoix County 2018 Election results


The Tuesday Nov. 6 General Election was one of the biggest ever voting days for Michigan residents as a number of historic measures were decided—among those were the voter-approved Prop 1 which legalizes recreational marijuana, Prop 2 which changes how redistricting is handled, and Prop 3 which deals with voting rights.

Michigan also has a new Governor-Elect this morning in Gretchen Whitmer.

And, locally, Boyne City and Boyne Falls voters chose school board members, the Village of Boyne Falls voted for its president and trustees, and there were several competitive races for Charlevoix County Commissioner, in addition to the CCE 911 communications equipment upgrade millage.

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Boyne City Public Schools Board of Education

Boyne City Public Schools voters retained incumbent school board member Zarena Koch and chose newcomer Chris Marlin for the two board seats. Following are the vote totals for the field of five candidates.

Karen Belch 1,173

Zarena Koch 1,368

Chris Marlin 1,249

Nathan Minnaar 927

Harry B. Wright 877

A total of 5,594 votes were cast.


CCE 911 Millage

County EMS Radio Prop was supported locally by a vote of 8,987 – 4,196.


Charlevoix County Commission District 3

Ron Reinhardt (R) 1,267

Walt Cherry (D) 683

1,950 total votes were cast.


Charlevoix County Commission District 4

Robert Draves (R) 1,086

Ellen Addington (D) 625

1,711 total votes were cast


Charlevoix County Commission District 5

Nancy Ferguson (R) 1,713

John Teesdale (D) 887

2,600 total votes were cast.


Charlevoix County Commission District 6

Shirley Roloff (R) 1,322

Richard Spring (D) 898

2,220 total votes were cast.


Boyne Falls Village President

Bill Carson Jr. 81

Theresa Jarema (write-in) 0

Unresolved write-in 63


Boyne Falls Village Trustee

Joann Bell 71

Bill Bricker 70

Bill Carson Sr. 70

Charles L. Tate 67

Michael Kondrat Sr. (write-in) 0

Michael Kondrat Jr. (write-in) 0

Unresolved write-in 31

278 total votes were cast.


Boyne Falls School Board

David Carson (4-year term) 663

Barb Loper (2-year term) 664


Voter Turnout

Bay Township 69.09%

Boyne Valley 46.06%

Chandler 67.58%

Charlevoix Twp 65.41%

Evangeline 68.92%

Eveline 68.14%

Hayes 69.57%

Hudson 58.68%

Marion 59.85%

Melrose 58.13%

Norwood 64.78%

Peaine 75.53%

St. James 66.67%

South Arm 61.22%

Wilson 61.84%

Boyne City 59.99%

Charlevoix City (1) 67%

Charlevoix City (2) 61.56%

Charlevoix City (3) 60.37%

East Jordan 53.33%

Out of Charlevoix County’s 22,498 registered voters, 13,895 showed up at the polls for an overall voter turnout of 61.76 percent.


Charlevoix County voters chose Republican candidate Bill Schuette over Democrat Gretchen Whitmer by a vote of 7,556 to 5,720.

Whitmer is now Michigan’s Governor-Elect.

They picked their Secretary of State candidate in similar fashion with 7,620 votes going for Republican Mary Lang and 5,387 votes going to Democrat Jocelyn Benson.

Voters across the state ultimately chose Benson as Michigan’s next SOS.

Local voters for the Attorney General race cast 7,756 votes for Republican Tom Leonard and 4,985 for Democrat Dana Nessel. As of press time, the AG race was too close to call.

Charlevoix County voters picked Republican John James over Democrat Debbie Stabenow with a vote of 7,783 to 5,596 in the Michigan U.S. Senate race.

As of 8 a.m. on Wednesday Nov. 7, Stabenow was projected to win by at least six points.

The Congressional First District race followed the trend with Charlevoix County voters supporting incumbent Republican Jack Bergman over Democrat Matt Morgan 7,901 – 5,624.

Bergman defeated Morgan to hold onto the seat.

In the Michigan Senate race for the 37th District seat, local voters favored Republican incumbent Wayne Schmidt over Democrat Jim Page 8,052 – 5,265. The rest of Schmidt’s constituents in Northern Michigan agreed, choosing him for another four-year term.

Michigan House of Representatives 105th District Republican incumbent bested Democrat Melissa Fruge of Boyne City. The local vote was in Cole’s favor—7,936 to 5,441—in Charlevoix County.

Prop 1 approved locally 7,181 to 6,391.

Prop 2 approved locally 7,072 to 6,190.

Prop 3 approved locally 7,966 to 5,364.

More election results available in the PDF below:


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