Boyne to observe 100th anniversary of WWI end with bell ringing

boyne city hall

At 11 a.m. on Sunday Nov. 11Boyne City will ring its historic tower clock bell 21 times to mark the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended hostilities in World War I.

Boyne City’s bell ringing is being done in conjunction with the worldwide effort to mark this important historic occasion.

The remembrance of the official ending of the Great War that was also known then as the War to end all Wars is being facilitated in the United States by the United State World War One Centennial Commission.

The historic bell to be rung at Boyne City Hall, 319 North Lake St., was acquired by the community in 1904 and would have been in service throughout World War I, World War II and the Korean War.

The bell and the clock that rings it on the hour were recently fully restored and placed back into regular service in 2017.

Boyne City Manager Michael Cain said he feels that it is only appropriate that the bell that many of the young men from Boyne City would have heard before they left to serve their country and the world to help restore the peace ring in their honor to mark their service 100 years later.

“We should never forget those who served their country or made the ultimate sacrifice,” Cain said. “This hundredth anniversary of the end of the Great War seems like a fitting time to pause, take a moment, and remember.”

The public is welcome to attend this brief remembrance.

People attending are encouraged to park in the parking spaces on North Street and follow the sidewalk to the historic 1917 LaFrance Fire Truck display along North Lake Street where the clock resides and from where the bell will be rung.

There will be spaces to watch the ringing both inside and outside the building.

The bell will be rung 21 times immediately after it rings 11 times marking 11:00 a.m.