Boyne Police Reports Sept. 3-16

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See what the Boyne City Police Department’s officers do in their daily work with this look at their weekly incident reports.

Monday, September 3, 2018
0142 Suspicious situation in the 400 block of Boyne Ave.
0137 Noise complaint/possible MIP’s in the 300 block of E Division
0632 Someone put barricades up blocking Water St. between Lake St. and Park St. Removed them.
0650 Citation issued on N. Lake near Vogel for speed.
0721 MDOP to the Pirate ship float parked on Leroy St. The grass was also ripped up by some type of go-cart or narrow side by side.
In the 500 block of North Lake St. Multiple items damaged.
910 MDOP in the 500 block of N Lake St. Multiple items damaged.

0941 Assist citizen at the airport
1052 Suspicious subject in the 100 block of E Water St.
1147 Enroute to check on 1527 on Dam Rd. Cancelled.
1154 Report of go kart was stolen overnight. From the 700 block of Pleasant Ave Lodged stray dog found in Walloon.
1525 911 hang up from the 900 block of Brockway. Misdial
1534 Suspicious subject in the 300 block E Division St
1548 Vehicle unlock on Sydney St.
1937 Larceny in the 400 block of N Lake St
2045 Fireworks complaint in the 600 block of E. Main
2122 Found subjects getting ready to set off fireworks on spring St

Tuesday September 4
0010 Suspicious situation in the 1300 block of Boyne Av
0921 Report of lost wallet and money clip.
1148 Subject at PD to report Identity theft complaint
1231 Threats complaint received from the 1000 block of Brockway
1336 Parking violation on Water St
1338 Report of suspicious salesman
1630 Salvage Vehicle Inspection on Camp Daggett Rd
2144 Report of stolen bike from W Lincoln St.

Wednesday September 5
0800 Followed fresh go cart tracks in Avalanche.
0932 Assist Sheriff Dept. on N Park St for warrant pick up
1244 VIN inspection in the 300 block of W Division
1254 Suspicious subject reported near the Post Office.
1257 Found cell phone at Main and Lake St
1307 Internet threat complaint reported at the PD
1500 911 Hang Up from the 1300 block of Boyne Ave
1533 Driving complaint on Boyne Ave near Brockway
1639 Salvage Vehicle inspection on Waller Rd
1640 Driving complaint on Cherry St
1719 Vehicle unlock at Rotary Park.
2213 Recovered stolen go-cart on W. Morgan St

Thursday September 6
0144 Alarm activation at the post office. All was secure.
1900 Found keys City Park
Friday September 7
0943 Parking violation in the 200 block of Water St
0959 Alarm in the 800 block of Front St
1054 Found keys at the dog park. Owner located.
1130 Pitbull running at large on Spring St
1133 Report of lost flip phone
1309 Parking violation in the alley off of Park St
1424 Civil standby in the 1000 block of Boyne Av
1603 found wallet on Boyne Av. Owner in to retrieve
1604 Arrest subject on Disorderly warrant.
1646 Report of the theft of a 5 gal gas can from the 1000 block of S Lake St.
1830 Suicidal subject at S. Lake St. and Lincoln St. Transported to hospital for evaluation.
2032 PR football game
2242 Assist Sheriff Dept. with crash on M-75N and Old State

Saturday September 8
0303 Assist EMS in the 800 block of S Park St
1303 Assist Sheriff Dept. with disturbance in Boyne Falls.
1623 Report of disturbance in the 200 block of S. Lake St.
1925 Citation issued for No Insurance and Expired Registration. Vehicle towed.
1932 Disturbance reported on W Main St. Subject arrested by Sheriff Dept. on their warrant.

Sunday September 9
0727 Intoxicated subject in 300 block E Division St
0923 Report of an injured deer in the 600 block of E Main St
1214 Report of stolen internet modem from the 1000 block of S Lake St
1350 Assist Sheriff Dept. on M-75 S
1455 Found wallet
1511 Vehicle unlock in the 1000 block of Robinson St
1531 Gasoline drive off from the 200 block of S. Lake St.
1844 Recovered stolen gas can on Grant St

Monday September 10
0129 Disorderly subject on W Main St
0752 Driving complaint in the 800 block of State St. Vehicle passed school bus with lights activated on the right.
VM Subject reporting credit card fraud.
0821 Property damage crash in 100 block W Morgan
1035 Report of a pickup coming in to town with gas leaking out of it. Found on State St. Gas can tipped over under his bed cover and didn’t realize it.
1047 Assist to probation on N East St.
1056 Assist to probation in the 500 block of N Lake St
1108 Retail fraud complaint from 400 block N Lake St
1114 Found set of found keys dropped off at PD.
1140 Driving complaint reported from Nordic Dr
1148 Found duffel bag on State St
1222 Driving complaint received on Hull St.
1247 Assisted Sheriff Dept. on N Addis Rd.
1437 Private property damage crash on River St
1615 Driving complaint on Groveland St
1656 Arrested subject on probation detainer in the 600 block of State Street.
2029 Civil complaint from the 400 block of Groveland
2206 Assist citizen in the 800 block of E Main St.
2232 Arrested subject for violating probation in the 400 block of Poplar St.

Tuesday September 11
0554 Suspicious subject in the 1100 block of Boyne Av. Arrested subject for OUID, Possession of Crystal Meth and illegal transport of Medical Marijuana. Subject started to seize and went unresponsive. Transported to hospital by EMS.
0809 Served citation for careless driving on subject in the 500 block of N Lake St for yesterday’s violation of passing the school bus on the right while lights activated.
0920 Assist Zoning Dept. with serving citation on Jersey St
1110 Subject in possession of marijuana in the 1000 block of Boyne Av
1236 Report of lost bag at the wooden park this morning.
1515 Bob Mathers reports subject trying to open doors on cars stopping at State and East.
1547 Report of Ramblers sign stolen from yard on S Lake St over the weekend.
1547 Report of vehicle passing bus with red lights on Main St
1637 Assisted water department with traffic control at East and Water.
1831 Arrested subject in the 500 block of N Lake St on bond revocation.
1842 Private property damage crash on Brockway
2204 Arrested subject on 2 FTA warrants out of Charlevoix County

Wednesday September. 12
0123 Civil dispute in the 300 block of E Division St
0249 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Pincherry Rd
0733 Assist Sheriff Dept. with traffic stop at N Park and State St.
0816 Vehicle unlock on Pine St
0940 Burn permit issued for the 800 block of State St
0948 Report of road hazard on Boyne city Rd near city limits.
1134 Report of a dog RAL in the roadway near Front and Second.
1454 Noise complaint from the 300 block of e Division St
1510 Flagged down about a dog in the parking lot at River and Lake. Found puppy and owner arrived.
1832 Citation issued for Speed and No Insurance in the 200 block of W Division St. Vehicle towed.
2020 Civil dispute in the 600 block of Lewis.
2215 Assist Sheriff Dept. on M75 and S. Shore

Thursday September 13
0045 Arrested subject for OWI in the 400 block of E Main St
0735 Assist EMS on Forest Park Dr.
1209 Report of someone dumping 3 large bags of trash in the road at Park and Wildwood Harbor.
1525 Report of vehicle running school bus lights at M-75 S and Magnet Dr. Located vehicle at Young State Park.
1531 Domestic dispute in the 200 block of Vogel St.
1740 Assist to Water Dept. on Wilson St
1946 Report of 5 ATVs westbound on Jefferson from Vogel doing stunts.
2202 Report of a domestic dispute that occurred on Nordic Dr. earlier in the evening.
2340 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Boyne City-EJ Rd.

Friday September 14
0237 Arrested subject for No Insurance on Boyne Ave near Fall Park Rd. The vehicle was towed.
1118 Request for renewal of No Trespass Order on W Division.
1404 MDOP to construction site in 500 block Jersey St.
1640 Report of a dog running at large in the road and nearly hit in 900 block S Lake.
1820 Loud music complaint in the 1400 block of Pleasant.
1909 Report from the 800 block of E Main about possible abuse.
2120 PPO violation reported in 900 block of Roosevelt St.
2258 Noise complaint in the 1400 block of Pleasant Ave.
2341 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Wilson Rd. S.
2349 Noise complaint in the 1400 block of Pleasant Ave.
Saturday September 15
0033 Disorderly subject on W Main St.
0500 Report of a suspicious subject in the area of Division and Second.
0512 Alarm activation in the 300 block of N Lake St.
0821 Vehicle unlock on Franklin St.
0931 PR – Foot at the Farmer’s Mkt.
1012 Report of barking dogs on Hemlock.
1218 Assist citizen at pavilion.
1245 Report of glass in the road on S Park.
1249 Request for funeral escort coming into town from Horton Bay.
1506 Report of check stolen from vehicle in the 100 block of W Court St.
1738 Assist EMS on West Street.
2049 Assist citizen at the pavilion.
2144 MDOP to a vehicle parked at the river mouth.
2248 Driving violation on M 75 S near Deer Lake Rd. Report of a car all over the road. Located and stopped

Sunday September 16
0007 Assist Sheriff Dept. with disturbances at the Boyne Mountain.
1717 Assist EMS, in the 500 block of S Park.
1818 Request for report from the 400 block of W Michigan because a branch had fallen on 2 cars
2053 Fireworks complaint in the area of Pleasant Ave and Morgan St.
2144 Citation issued for speed on N. Lake near Charlevoix St.
2247 Arrested subject for domestic violence in the 1400 block of Pleasant Av