Boyne planners consider capital plan, public hearing, M-75 Corridor, zoning changes

CIP graph
Capital Improvement Plan, a public hearing on zoning ordinance amendments relating to the proposed Macksey Development, and more discussion on the M-75 Corridor Plan topped February’s Boyne City Planning Commission meeting.


Capital Improvement Plan, a public hearing on zoning ordinance amendments relating to the proposed Macksey Development, and more discussion on the M-75 Corridor Plan topped February’s Boyne City Planning Commission meeting.
Planners met for their regular meeting on Feb. 19. Here are the highlights.


2017 Planning Report
The annual Boyne City Planning Report was presented to the planning commission by Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson. The report included a list of development plan reviews which included the Boyne City Preschool’s plan for a 56 by 26 addition to their existing structure for additional classroom space, kitchen, office space and entry; and, an alley vacation for the public way located between two parcels. The alley is 16.5 wide and 330 feet in length and runs between Lincoln Street and the undeveloped portion of Cedar Street east of Grant Street. The alley is undeveloped and not maintained and contains no infrastructure.
The city’s daycare ordinance was also tweaked. During the City’s recent 2016 goal setting sessions, affordable housing, child care, and their lack of availability in our area were at the forefront of conversation. Some of Boyne City’s major employers have cited concerns regarding affordable housing and day care options as reasons they are understaffed and unable to locate quality members to fill their
Zoning ordinance requests were also made for potential housing developments by Ted Macksey and the Boyne City Housing Commission.
In 2017, the M-75 Corridor Plan was developed to help with the increased development pressure occurring on the M-75 South corridor.
The Boyne City Planning Department staff developed and/or assisted with grant applications including the nearly $750,000 Storm Water Management and Wastewater Grant, an MDNR Trust Fund Grant to help fund the 475 North Lake St. Open Space property, the Great Lakes Fishery Trust Public Fishing Pier moneys, as well as an MDNR Trust Fund Grant for trail extension.

2017 Zoning Permits
Accessory Buildings 14
Residential Additions 13
Commercial Addition 2
Multi Family 0
New Dwellings 5
Total Zoning Permits 33
Permit Fees Collected: $1,900
Total Project Value: $2,038,300

Enforcement Activity
(Jan-Dec 2017)
Complaints Received 55
Site Inspections 160
Enforcement Letters Sent 57
Phone Contacts 70
In Person Contacts 25
Dilapidated Structure 3
Junk Cars 15
Junk/Trash 30
Miscellaneous 4
Permit Violation 3
Signs 6
Weeds 25
Yard Sale Signs 40
Total 125

M-75 Corridor Plan
The purpose of the joint meeting last month was to discuss the draft M-75 corridor improvement plan with the officials from Wilson and Boyne Valley Townships. After the meeting, Wilson Township had a couple suggestions they would like to see incorporated into the plan. They would like a third lane implemented for turning and they were not in favor of the concept of the access/service drive, and perhaps shared parking would be a better way to handle the issue. A suggestion from this board included carrying the city’s downtown character out to the city limits.
At Boyne City’s recent Joint Boards and Commissions meeting, it was discussed to possibly look at preferred entrance and exits for truck traffic at the Business Park entrances.
McPherson said he would make sure the suggestions are forwarded to the meetings facilitators from MEDC.
No action was taken on the plan. For more info on the M-75 Corridor Draft Plan, see the full story at

Public Hearing
A public hearing on the question of amending the city’s zoning ordinance was held during the Feb. 19 meeting.
Back in January, the Boyne City Planning Department was directed to develop some draft amendment language to address the issue of minimum dwelling sizes, amendments to the definition of a dwelling, the schedule of regulations and therefore, additional and/or amended language to the TRD, WRD, RED and MFRD districts was proposed.
McPherson suggested striking the proposed word “lot” in Section 20.30 item g keeping words “height and setback standards” to allow for the smaller width residences. This would apply to any lots in MFRD that would be available for development or re-development.
The planning commission voted UNANIMOUSLY to recommend approval to the Boyne City Commission that the proposed amendment language to Article II, III, IV, V and XX and modifications to 20.30 item g be made.

Capital Improvement Plan
McPherson reviewed the 2018–2023 Boyne City Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which shows a six-year layout with projections for 2018 through 2023 and 2017 information included for comparison.
The plan includes a range of planned improvements to city police, fire, ambulance, streets, parks and more.
Go to to see the full plan.
The board reviewed the CIP and the consensus was that it is a good road map for Boyne City’s future needs.
A motion to recommend the Boyne City Commission accept the CIP was unanimously approved.