Boyne Gazette features Charlevoix County senior news

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We’ve started something new, and I thought I’d explain exactly what it is and how it benefits you.

In cooperation with the Charlevoix County Commission on Aging, we are now including their Senior Hi-Lites newsletter each month.

This will give our subscribers and single-copy purchasers access to a wealth of information that is useful for our local seniors.

For example, the menus for the senior centers, including our local Boyne Area Senior Center, will be available each month.

Not to brag, but this is my chance to brag.

I’m very proud of The Boyne City Gazette’s role in our local communities.

We are the police of our local government, attending meetings and reporting to the constituents when things are (or are rumored to be) awry.

We will either come back and explain that something bad truly has happened (such as the case of the Village of Boyne Falls Clerk), or solve the mystery and find that something was not actually wrong (as in the case of our County Clerk and a grant stipend a few years back).

We are the cheerleaders of the things that are good, as you will see in this week’s issue with the Patriot Day festivities put on at Boyne City High School.

We help local small businesses through affordable advertising (by the way, we have a new local business directory for $25 per week, give us a call!).

And now we find ourselves helping the Commission on Aging to provide essential information to our senior citizens.

Over the past nine years, we have integrated The Boyne City Gazette into the local community.

We’ve been the avenue parents have taken to say “I’m proud of you for graduating” to their children, and the venue by which folks wish a happy birthday to their friends.

We have placed obituaries and life stories of those who have passed away, including many notable community members.

The Boyne City Gazette has become the go-to publication for your legal notices, meeting minutes, and so much more.

Be sure to get the best of the Boyne City Gazette along with the Senior Hi-Lites delivered to your home, business, or waiting room by calling Chris at 582-2799 (EXT. 1).