Boyne commission meeting: budget, tax credit, grant, street work, free land

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The Boyne City Commission considered a wide variety of items at its most recent regular board meeting, including the 2018-2019 budget, a recreation grant, tax credits, a planning report, street work, a property donation, and fire department equipment.


Here are the highlights and decisions made during the Tuesday March 13 meeting:

Planning report
Boyne City Planning Director presented the city’s annual planning report to the Boyne City Commission.
No action was necessary

Recreation grant
Consideration to approve the recommendation to apply for a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant, which will require a public hearing, and a Recreation Passport Grant from the MDNR and to schedule a public input session for the March 27 Boyne City Commission meeting.
The motion was unanimously approved by a 5-0 vote.

Rubbish Collection
Consideration to approve a contract with American Waste for dumpster services and rubbish collection.
The current contract is set to expire at the end of April.
Boyne City Commissioner Michael Cain said there are ongoing discussions regarding the possibility of moving to a single-hauler system in the future.
Motion passed 5-0

Tax credits
Consideration to approve a resolution in support of Senate Bill 469 and House Bill 5178 that would reinstate the State Historic Tax Credits.
While there are still federal Historic Tax Credits, Michigan’s state Historic Tax Credits ended back in 2011. The new program is being proposed for both residential and commercial properties.
A motion to issue a resolution of support was approved unanimously.

Cedar Street
Consideration to approve a contract with Soils and Structure for soil borings in the amount of $2,400 and authorize the city manager to execute the required documents.
Motion approved

Fire Dept. Gear
Consideration to approve the purchase of four sets of fire gear from Fire-Dex in the amount of $9,040. The money is coming from the Boyne City Fire Department’s own budget.
Motion approved

Property donation
Consideration to accept the bequest of Dorothy R. DeBoer as presented and authorize the city manager and/or city clerk/treasurer to take the necessary steps to accept the property.
DeBoer died last December and willed the city two pieces of property on the north side. The lots are unbuildable on their own and look like they were originally planned to be part of an east/west street between Jersey and Jefferson streets. The lots are 30-feet-wide.
There are no immediate plans to develop the property for roads or any other use.
An environmental assessment on the properties would cost $1,300 for the first phase.
Motion approved

Budget presentation
Presentation of the proposed FYE 2019 Boyne City Budget by the city manager. The general fund budget as proposed has just over $4 million in expenditures; with a total city expenses of nearly $13.25 million. It has been proposed to maintain the city’s current millage rates—15.51 mils for general fund, and debt millage rate for the new city facilities at 2.30 mils for a total of 17.81 mils.
There is also proposed a 3% increase in the city’s water and sewer rates.
The proposed budget is expected to leave the city with a $1.5 million fund balance.
The city’s budget work session was scheduled for Tuesday March 20, and a backup date of Thursday March 22 was also set.
Closed session
Request of the city manager to go into closed session to consider strategy connected with the negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement.
Motion approved