Boyne City’s 23-acre land buy could be used for storage, recreation, and residential

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A special meeting was convened by the Boyne City Commission to consider a major property purchase recently.


Commissioners gathered on Wednesday Dec. 27 for a meeting which lasted just under 50 minutes.

The board unanimously voted in favor of authorizing Boyne City Manager Michael Cain and his staff to purchase 23 acres of land on Court Street, which is owned by Timothy Moyer, for $40,000 plus an estimated $285 in costs.

“The main purpose for the acquisition is it’s adjacent to our DPW yard and to give additional storage space and capacity for our yard waste storage,” Cain told the Boyne City Gazette on Friday Jan. 5…. “We’ve looked at it on and off over the years, and the new commission thought it appropriate to do it now.”

According to Cain, some of the nearly two dozen acres could eventually be used for recreational purposes and even a commercial venture like a housing development.

“Some of the property that fronts on Court Street between Lake View Apartments and the DPW garage might be used for residential,” said Cain. “But, we’ll see where our opportunities go in the spring when we have a chance to walk the property.”

The property is adjacent to the city’s North Boyne property. But, as it is vacant, it has no address.

Also approved in the vote was to authorize a phase 1 and 2 of an environmental assessment if it is deemed necessary.



This map shows a 23-acre piece of property off Court Street in Boyne City near the city’s North Boyne property.