Boyne City school board meeting results

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Following is a look at highlights from the Dec. 10 regular Boyne City Public Schools Board of Education meeting.

  • The Board conducted a Superintendent evaluation and declared Pat Little’s evaluation status as ‘Highly Effective’, the highest mark in open session. The Board authorized a one-year extension of Little’s contract through June 2021. This is Little’s second year of being rated as ‘Highly Effective’ using the Michigan Association of School Boards Superintendent’s Evaluation tool.

The following is taken directly from the Board’s evaluation signed by the Board President, Kenneth Schrader:

  • The Board found that Superintendent Little is a significant asset to our school system and community.  His depth of knowledge, experience and ambition has given the District the tools to progress forward and be pioneers in the areas of Early Childhood Education and Trade Skills. 

Board members commented:

  • We are well informed as Mr. Little has been timely and concise in his communications.
  • The focus groups and coffee talk is an excellent format for including the community.
  • Little is popular among staff and principals.
  • His working abilities with Chief Financial Officer Irene Byrne on financial matters has benefited the District with a solid financial backbone.
  • They are looking forward to the results of the curriculum studies.

The Board is looking forward to another year of increasing student growth, financial well-being, staff development and community support due to his leadership.


  • The Board discussed the Focus Group results and the Board felt it as a positive experience. In November the District conducted separate Parent and Staff Focus Groups. Both groups and individuals expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to share their thoughts/concerns to provoke improvement in the District.


●        Middle School Student Council report was presented by Josie Wilson and Sydney Dickinson gave the High School Student Council report. Mike Wilson also shared with the Board the Conservation Award that the Boyne City Middle School received for helping harvest beach grass. Wilson also showed the Board an award Kyle Maginity received for the District’s technology initiative from Lansing.
●        Lisa Schrock was presented with a token of the Board and the District’s appreciation for her six and a half years of service to the BCPS Board of Education.


●        Fourth-grade teachers, Carrie Stanek, and Bethany Brown presented to the Board Reading Buddies at Boyne City Elementary School and how they are teaching compassion inspired by the Char-Em ISD professional development day. The fourth graders and their kindergarten reading buddies, with the help of many wonderful volunteers, sewed pillowcases for local seniors who may not have much family in the area and in need of holiday cheer.


●        The Board was represented with the Certificate of Excellence for achieving 100% pass rate for the school bus safety inspections. McLane expressed that the transportation department’s record is impressive.


●        Boyne City Public School was the recipient of many grants and donations in which we want to express our gratitude:

○        The grant award from the Michigan Department of Education in the amount of $17,373.84, for the Additional Instructional Time and Interventions grant.

○        Competitive School Safety Grant from the Michigan State Police was awarded in the amount of $119,775 to supplement varying safety improvements for the summer of 2019.

○        DTE Energy gave a donation in the amount of $5,000 for their support of the BCHS Energy Fundamentals Course.


  • The Board also discussed the regular meeting scheduled for 2019 and the committee appointments. A decision will be made at the January 14, 2019 meeting.

Other Notes

On January 14, 2019, at 5:30 pm there will be a special Board meeting to review School Board member obligations followed by the regular meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Community members are welcome and encouraged to attend School Board meetings and become
involved in the operation and governance of their school district. Your involvement in the education of
our children are appreciated. The Boyne City School Board meetings are typically on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. All meeting dates can be found at our website at this address:

Notice of all special meetings will be posted on the website and by the main entrance in each school building as to date, time, and place.