Boyne City Police reports July 2-8

See what the Boyne City Police Department’s officers do in their daily work with this look at their weekly incident reports.


Monday July 2
0622 Report of found dinghy near Peninsula Beach
0843 parking complaint in the 200 block of N Park St
0849 Disturbance in the 100 block of N Lake St.
1043 Burning permit issued on Earl St
1047 Parking complaint in the alley along boardwalk
1110 Found driver’s license turned in. Was found at peninsula Beach.
1250 Funeral escort
1233 Assist citizen in the 300 block of N Lake St
1242 Driving complaint on Lakeshore
1502 Found Shirt in Old City Park
1537 Report of dog left in vehicle on Water St.
1659 Report of older subject trying to stop cars at State and East for a ride, banging on cars.
1904 Driving complaint coming in M75N to Riverridge.
2014 Report of a possible domestic on Jefferson St. near Spring St.
2050 Vehicle unlock at the Harborage Marina.
2130 Vehicle unlock at Peninsula beach.
2152 Vehicle unlock in the 300 block of E Division St
2213 Assist another agency in the 100 block of E Court St.
2213 Fireworks complaint in the area of Poplar and Jefferson.
2215 Noise complaint on Robinson St.
Tuesday July 3
0218 Assist to Ottawa County SO regarding threat complaint
0800 Report from Lower Lake St of a pontoon taking on water.
0806 Stolen trailer plate reported from the 400 block of Front St
0928 Hit and run crash on Water St. Other vehicle located.
1045 MDOP to the geraniums on the Lake St Bridge.
1218 Parking complaint in the100 block of N Lake St.
1330 Larceny of a foldable ladder from the 100 block of W Morgan.
1424 Threats complaint
1545 Wallet found on Lakeshore. Was returned to owner.
1555 Hit & run in parking lot off Ray St.
1555 Report of attempted phone scam from Front St
1730 Report of a dog in a van on Water St across from Red Mesa.
1824 Private property damage crash in the front High School lot.
1911 Assist EMS in the 400 block of N Lake.
2006 Report of a vehicle running for 3+ hours at the Atrium. Located the owner
2116 Welfare check in the 400 block of Groveland St. Found subject unresponsive. Transported by EMS.
2303 Fireworks complaint from the 600 block of State St.
2343 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Church Rd. Armed subject assaulting another person. BCPD officer bitten by dog while assisting.

Wednesday July 4
0402 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Longfield Farm Trl.
1028 Request EMS at Park and Water for Juvenile suffering from the heat
1051 Missing juvenile at the parade.
1100 Assist EMS on S Park St during parade
1130 Found purse near Lake and River St. Returned to owner.
1149 Assist EMS in the 100 block of E Water St
1353 Assist EMS on Avalanche for a bicycle crash.
1441 PIA car versus bike PIA on Lake St in front of the Open Space.
1712 MDOP to vehicle in the 300 block of E Division St.
1725 Report of juveniles jumping off the shoppers dock.
1747 Vehicle unlock in the 800 block of E Main St.
1847 Report of lost key to 1951 Chevy.
1955 Report of traffic light out at Water and Lake. Power outage downtown.
1955 Alarm at Lake and Water. Power related.
2032 Driving complaint at State and Park St
2054 Report of two intoxicated subjects being belligerent in Veteran’s Park.
2120 Driving complaint coming in to town on BC Rd.
2140 Found wallet turned in
2201 Towed a vehicle parked blocking the fire hydrant behind City Hall.
2215 Hit and run crash in the 100 block of North St
2234 Arrested subject for domestic violence in Veteran’s Park
2247 Report of explosions at the fireworks that were part of the display
2256 Report of subjects shooting fireworks at others on North St.
2303 Assist EMS at the Veteran’s Memorial
2313 Vehicle unlock in the 500 block of W. Michigan Ave.
2321 Fireworks complaint at W Morgan St. and S. Lake St

Thursday July 5
0214 Arrested subject for OWI on Lakeshore Rd
0234 Fireworks complaint at W. Division and Pleasant.
0817 Report of damage to vehicle on Collings St by fireworks last night
0958 Arrested subject for DWLS on Beardsley at the Recycling Center
1133 Found cell phone dropped off at PD. Returned to owner.
1158 Report of attempted phone scam in Harborage Park
1202 Found shirt dropped off at PD
1313 Report of dog left tied up outside for over 2 hours on W Court St.
1427 Assist Sheriff Dept., EMS and Fire Dept. on Addis Rd.
1605 Report of larceny of cash from the 800 block of S Park St
1915 Report of a dog RAL near the Post Office.
2122 Suspicious situation in the 200 block of S Lake St.
2236 Fireworks complaint turned into neighborhood dispute on Main St

Friday July 6
0718 Car deer crash at State and Call
1036 Assist citizen in the 400 block of Poplar St
1105 Report of delivery truck blocking traffic on Water St.
1425 Reports of wave runner heading toward Veteran’s Park in need of assistance. Made it in ok
1456 Citation issued for speed at Lake and Morgan
1656 Assist EMS in the 500 block of N Lake St
1715 Neighbor dispute in the 600 block of E Main.
1729 Vehicle unlock on First St.
1750 Vehicle unlock in the 400 block of N Lake St.
1822 Assist citizen on Front St.
1932 Found wallet turned in. Was returned to owner’s daughter
1954 Assist EMS on Boyne City Rd. near YSP.
1959 Found ID turned in at the PD. Found at Peninsula Beach. Was returned to owner.
2042 Fireworks complaint in the area of 500 Poplar St.
2221 Noise complaint in the 600 block of E. Main St.
2230 Fireworks complaint in the area of Poplar St and Brown St.
2234 Fireworks complaint called in from Jersey St.
2309 Noise complaint in the 200 block of S Lake St
2322 Noise complaint in the 200 block of S Lake St

Saturday July 7
0150 Intoxicated subject at Lake and Main.
0220 Vehicle unlock in the 300 block of S Lake St.
0858 Vehicle unlock at the Farmer’s Market.
0914 Foot patrol at Farmer’s Mrkt
1213 Wallet found at the Farmer’s Market.
1234 Report of subjects installing fence on City property. Was on private property.
1235 Funeral escort.
1403 Assist EMS in the 500 block of S Park.
1414 Assist EMS in the 900 block of Boyne Ave.
1601 Private property damage crash in the 500 block of N Lake St.
1640 Report of a car alarm going off on S Lake.
1853 Assist citizen in the 600 block of W Michigan.
1919 Animal complaint in the 300 block of E Division St.
2010 Lodged a small dog found running at large on Zink Rd.
2124 Fireworks complaint on Lower Lake St.
2237 Fireworks complaint in Rotary Park.
2302 Citation issued for speed on W. Division near S. Lake St.
2340 Assist citizen in the 200 block of S Lake St

Sunday July 8
0850 Found trailer plate in the Marina. Returned to registered owner.
0908 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Behling Rd.
1046 Went to shelter to lodge a stray dog. Owner was there to get it before I arrived.
1143 Report of spent fireworks landing in yard on N Lake St.
1423 Report of hit and run to vehicle on Lake near Water. Note left by a witness. Located other vehicle involved on Pearl St.
1549 Report of possible OWI from Vogel St
2037 Lodged two stray dogs found in the 1000 block of Second St.
2047 Private property damage crash in the 500 block of N. Lake St. Arrested driver for DWLS


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