Boyne City parks public hearing on restroom grant Thursday

The Boyne City Parks and Recreation Board wants your input on a plan to seek a grant that will be used to improve the city’s rivermouth bathroom facilities.


The board will be seeking public input at their 5 p.m. Thursday March 8 meeting to consider the possibility of applying to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for a grant to help cover a portion of the remodeling cost of the City’s river mouth restrooms located at 45 North Lake St.

The meeting is in the first floor training room of Boyne City Hall, 319 North Lake St.

Most state grants require a local match, usually 25 percent of the project’s cost, or more, with requests providing a greater local match usually getting more favorable consideration.

The river mouth restrooms are some of Boyne City’s most heavily used restrooms being on both the Lake Charlevoix and Boyne River waterfronts, close to downtown and open all year.

The proposed improvements would improve the appearance, operation and capacity of the restrooms.

Preliminary drawings showing restroom concepts are available on the City’s website, or are available for review at the Boyne City offices, 319 North Lake St.

Questions or comments regarding this matter can be directed to Barb Brooks, Boyne City Executive Assistant at or 582-0336.


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