Boyne City holds survey to help determine goals

You can help Boyne City determine its goals by participating in a survey and public informational session.

The Boyne City Commission develops goals every two years to focus its efforts.

This year, city officials are asking for people’s opinions about critical issues first, through a community survey.

Then, from 6-8 p.m. on July 16 at the Veteran’s Park Pavilion, survey results will be revealed.

Time to share your opinions about how city government can address the highest priority issues will be allotted.

The list in this survey includes issues community members identified during previous goal-setting events, plus others suggested by city commissioners and city staff members.

Participants are asked to rate how important they think the following issues are and add other issues they feel city government should address in the next two years.

You may complete this survey either online (via SurveyMonkey) at or return a printed copy to Boyne City Hall by July 2.

Printed copies are downloadable off the city’s website or available at Boyne City Hall and the Boyne District Library.

City officials will also be reaching out to organizations and service groups in the area.

If you would like someone from the city to make a presentation to your group or if you have questions regarding the survey, please contact Boyne City Hall, 582-6597 or email