Boyne City goals, parking, statue discussed

parking graphic

Several major business items—including parking, city goals, and a new soldier monument—were discussed at the Boyne City Commission’s end-of-August meeting.

Following are highlights from the Tuesday Aug. 28 meeting. Look for coverage of the city’s Sept. 11 meeting in next week’s Boyne City Gazette.


City Goals
Boyne City Manager Michael Cain revealed the six community-wide goals which were identified at the Aug. 7 city commission work session. These goals were developed through a process which started with a public survey and a public work session after which the results were tabulated and reported back to the city Commission and the public.
The list of goals revealed on Aug. 24 is as follows:
Finance/Resource Planning/Efficiency – Develop/improve tools and processes to better forecast future city financial needs, such as the Capital Improvement Plan, for the purpose of using all finances and other resources as efficiently as possible.
Community Engagement – Develop/improve tools and processes to better communicate and engage the community in all areas related to the city and its operations.
Housing – Work with all segments of the community to develop and implement a common strategy for the creation of a sustainable mix of housing options in and around Boyne City that will meet current and future needs while maintaining the character of our community.
Water Quality – Protect and enhance all elements of water quality that Boyne City impacts, especially associated with storm water.
Economy/Viability – Foster a strong local year-round economy that builds upon existing businesses and industries while welcoming new compatible ones. Focus efforts and resources in efforts to create more family sustaining jobs.
Parks and Recreation – Complete existing recreation projects and develop plans to implement future improvements, focusing first on those recommended in existing plans and studies.
Cain asked commissioners to share any suggestions they had for changes or additions to the new proposed goals list.
During the public comment portion of the meeting, Diane Rosinski told commissioners she felt it is important to retain youth in the area.
Cain said retaining youth is one of the goals that was identified during the goal-setting process, adding that it was decided the goal of retaining youth would be top of mind as the other main goals were sought.
Boyne City Commissioner Ron Grunch said he would like to see the format of the Capital Improvement Plan changed to include return on investment and include existing parks and recreation projects so the commission can track what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done.
Boyne City Commissioner Sally Page said she is interested in the downtown areas and housing and would like to see a boarding situation for workers.
Boyne City Commissioner Dean Solomon said he wanted the goals to be more “action orientated” and meaningful. He also said he would like the language sharpened.
Boyne City Mayor Tom Neidhamer agreed with some of the other commissioners that action items must be created and a method for measuring success must be determined.
The formal adoption of the city’s new goals was expected at the commission’s Tuesday Sept. 11 meeting.
An implementation workshop with city boards and commissions is expected Sept. 18 and a quarterly progress report with discussion will follow at later Boyne City Commission meetings.

Parking Study
As a Redevelopment Ready Community, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation working through the Michigan Municipal League provided a parking study for Boyne City.
Annaka Norris of Rich & Associates reviewed the results of the study conducted in June.
They researched parking inventory, completed a turnover analysis and conducted over 20 interviews with business owners.
Preliminary recommendations include getting more bicycle racks, improving signage and enforcing existing parking rules.
It was noted that municipalities should control at least 50 percent of parking and that shared-use parking is good.
It was noted that an agreement between privately owned lots and the city can benefit everyone.

Three Brothers Monument
The Boyne City Commission considered a request from the Veteran’s Memorial Committee to install a monument on the current memorial site in Veteran’s Memorial Park to honor the three Labrecque brothers and work with city staff regarding the exact location of placement.
The three Labrecque brothers died in World War II.
The monument will include a hat, gun and boots on a platform and will contain a plaque for each brother.
The exact location has yet to be determined. The memorial will be paid for with funds from the sale of George Lasater’s book.
This has been reviewed and supported by the Boyne City Parks and Recreation Committee and Cain recommends approval as well.
The motion was unanimously approved to allow the proposal to move forward.