Boyne City Commission May 8 meeting highlights

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Sav-A-Lot on hold, pavilion and restroom improvements, airport upgrades, cemetery cleanup and many more items topped the Boyne City Commission’s May 8 agenda.

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Following are the highlights of last week’s meeting:

City Manager Report
Boyne City Manager Michael Cain gave his usual report of city business.
• Renovated pavilion opened on May 5; some final details to be done.
• Main Street Board authorized funding of the first overhead door, so it can be showcased for future fundraisers.
• A grand opening and tour of the updated pavilion is planned for 11 a.m. to noon on Saturday May 26.
• River Mouth restrooms had extensive cleaning and opened May 9.
• Boat Launch restrooms are going through spring cleaning as well; and the flooring will be done shortly.
• Due to the quick freeze last fall, several facilities and waterlines froze and burst. They are being attended to, so they will all be back online soon. Porta-potties have been placed in key areas of use and will be removed once the facilities finished.
• The city’s annual Arbor Day seedling giveaway had 450 seedlings given by 10:36 a.m.
• The dump truck that was in for mechanical repairs after the last snow storm, have been completed and were under warranty, so no charge to the city for the work and the truck is back in service
• The dock has been placed into the water at the North Boat Launch as we did not have to wait for a crane service to assist us. DPW employees Darcy Kotalik and Rob LaVanway fabricated an adjustable wheel system, that can be rolled right into the water utilizing one of our trucks.
• The Ironton Ferry was in the boat launch lot but scheduled to be removed by the end of the week.
• The fishing pier will be installed as soon as the ground has dried up enough to support the weight of a crane to place the dock.
• We had our first two registrations for the Labor Day Car Races—the earliest ever.
• A parking study has been commissioned through MML with bids having been received. It will be at no charge to the city because we are an RRC community, we expect that mid-June at the earliest is when things will begin.
• In front of the entrance to city hall is an area that has been cleared for the installation of three bike racks.
• City working on getting internet and phone service at the airport. This will increase the internet capacity and speed and decrease the cost.
• Porous concrete installed as an experiment at the Veterans Memorial is failing and will be replaced by the contractor.
• The Farmer’s Market will return outside on Saturday May 19, along the sidewalk on Lake Street due to the other activities in the park that weekend.

Utility Vehicle
Consideration to approve the purchase of a 2018 John Deere 835M utility vehicle from Lappans of Gaylord for $28,252.95.
DPW Superintendent Andy Kovolski discussed the request for the purchase of this utility vehicle. It will allow the department to better access areas in Avalanche without doing additional damage due to the weight of the vehicles currently used, be better equipped at getting to the top of Avalanche using the backroad, will make the additional use during festivals and events in any of the parks much easier and more professional and will be available for emergency and with the possibility of procuring a broom attachment, would also be used to help clear the sidewalks and trails.
Motion approved

Cemetery Tree Removal
Consideration to approve the proposal from All Aspects Forestry in the amount of $8,500 to remove 12 trees in the Maple Lawn Cemetery due to safety concerns.
Motion Approved

Commission Comments
Boyne City Commissioner Dean Solomon said there is an upcoming meeting with Cain and Boyne City Harbormaster Barb Brooks to go over the timeline for the upcoming goal-setting session.
Boyne City Mayor Tom Neidhamer said the entrance sign posts on Wildwood Harbor Road need repair.
Boyne City Commissioner Hugh Conklin asked about the plans for the area where the demolition of the old Lena’s building occurred. Cain said the plans for the interim are to seed the area for the summer. A request may come to the city for the use of tents and awnings in that area for special occasions.
There were also questions about the status of the proposed Sav-A-Lot store.
Cain said the project has been placed on hold since the franchise has changed ownership, and that its new owns are planning to unveil new branding and would like the Boyne City store to be the flagship for that.
The next regular Boyne City Commission meeting is scheduled for noon on Tuesday May 22.