Boyne City Commission highlights

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The Boyne City Commission met to discuss and decide upon a number of business items—including the water main project, assessing services, water pump repairs, and a rezone request—at its Tuesday Aug. 14 regular meeting.

Following are the discussion highlights and decisions made. Boyne City Commissioner Sally Page was excused absent.


Water Main Project
The Boyne City Commission revisited the proposed West Michigan/Woodland Water Main project special assessment roll.
Boyne City Manager Michael Cain discussed the proposed roll for the West Michigan/Woodland Water Main Project special assessment district.
Cain said, since the commission’s last meeting where this matter was discussed, there have been additional discussions with homeowners who had issues with the project.
The city ultimately decided to keep one of the addresses in question on the roll and to remove the other.
A motion was made to correct and confirm the proposed West Michigan/Woodland Water Main project special assessment roll to reflect lower project costs—the city rebid the project—with the inclusion of 615 West Michigan as recommended.
The motion was unanimously approved

Bid Approval
Commissioners also approved the contract for the Michigan/Woodland Water Main extension project to Matt’s Underground in the amount of $279,981.25.
The motion was unanimously approved

Sewer Work
Commissioners were asked to consider the contract for the SAW Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer CCTV to be awarded to Elite Pipeline Services in the amount of $334,675.
Elite Pipeline Services of Allendale Michigan was the low bidder. And, Cain said, their bid was quite close to the allotted SAW program CCTV budget.
This project is funded by the SAW grant from the MDEQ.
The motion was unanimously approved

Rezone 2nd Read
Consideration of a second reading and approval of a conditional rezoning for Parcel #15-051-250-019-00 from Traditional Residential District to Professional Office District.
Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson discussed the proposed conditional rezoning offer for property located at 402 State St.
He said the parcel is on the southeast corner of State and Jefferson Streets.
The parcel is 60-foot x 132-foot with 60 feet of frontage on State Street and 132 feet of frontage on Jefferson Street.
The properties adjacent on all sides are zoned TRD with the parcels to the south, east and west and being used for single family dwellings.
The properties to the north are being used for a church and a pre-existing nonconforming commercial use.
The subject parcel has an existing vacant 20 x 28 structure that was previously used for a nonconforming commercial use that has been abandoned.
The subject parcel has been unused for many years and the existing building has not been maintained and needs significant repair.
While the property does have a history of commercial use, any associated nonconforming rights with that use have clearly been abandoned.
Over the years there have been several inquiries about potential uses for the structure and property.
These inquiries were mostly for some type of commercial activity that could not be permitted due to the current zoning. The conditional zoning offer stipulates that the existing building will repaired and renovated but will not be enlarged in any way.
The property will be used for a professional office featuring insurance, finances, investments and similar services. If the property is transferred to another owner, a similar professional office use may continue or the parcel will be converted to residential use. If the conditional zoning is approved a development plan specifically detailing the all site improvements to include building improvements, landscaping, storm water runoff, parking, and site access would need to be submitted for approval by Planning Commission.
McPherson said the city’s future land use plan designation for the property is Neighborhood Residential and the goals of the master plan do not appear to specifically support this request.
He said the city commission should keep in mind that the master plan is intended to serve as a guide that should be used to help determine land uses and development policies that affect the community’s physical development.
And, because it is a guide, the master plan is not intended to be rigidly administered.
Since the first reading of the proposed ordinance amendment, it has been brought to the attention of city staff that another interested party has made an offer on the property and has plans to improve and use the property for residential use.
The proposed conditional zoning offer includes little in regard to conditions beyond the normal requirements of the zoning ordinance and appears to be a spot zone.
Currently there is another purchase offer for the property from a party with the intent to improve and use the property for conforming residential purpose.
Given these facts, McPherson said, the proposed ordinance amendment is not recommended for adoption.
The commission unanimously supported the recommendation to deny the conditional rezoning offer.
Trail Easement
Consideration to approve easement language with Lexamar for construction of the Boyne Valley Trailway.
McPherson also discussed the proposed Boyne Valley Trailway Easement between Lexamar and the City.
While the location of the trail is primarily on city-owned property, it does include a few locations where easements are required to cross private property.
McPherson said, normally, easements for trails or similar purposes are routinely executed without prior review by the city commission.
However, in this case, representatives from Lexamar have placed conditions on the easement that would limit the city’s ability to require landscaping of the Lexamar property to screen the property from the trail.
Given this requirement and potential implications for the future, this easement is being brought to the commission for review.
The board unanimously approved the easement as presented

City Assessor
The commission considered hiring Up North Assessing to provide citywide assessing services.
Cain said up until 2012, assessing services for Boyne City had been provided by Charlevoix County.
When the county stopped providing those services, Boyne, East Jordan and Charlevoix worked together to find a firm to serve them all.
After interviewing several of the firms that responded, they hired Debra Chavez and her firm DC Assessing for a three-year term.
That agreement was renewed by all three communities for another three-year term. That term is set to expire on Aug. 31.
The three cities again sought proposals for those services.
Chavez will be retiring at the end of their arrangement but three of four firms that submitted proposals were interviewed and it was the unanimous opinion of all those who participated that they should retain the services of Up North Assessing, Inc. of Cheboygan.
Currently, the city has $58,000 budgeted for these services.
Up North Assessing’s proposal specifies costs of $60,000, $61,200 and $62,400 during the three years of the proposed term, which is scheduled to begin Sept. 1.
Cain said this slight difference can be adjusted toward the end of the fiscal year.
The motion was unanimously approved

Water Production Well
Consideration to hire Peerless Midwest to over haul the pump motor and clean the well and casing of Well House #2 at a total estimated cost of $34,100.
Water/Wastewater Superintendent stated that we discovered water coming out of a small crack in the back of the foundation at well house #2 which is the first well south of the 1910 Building off of Division Street. This is the main water production well for the city’s south wellfield.
A quote for cleaning and pump/motor overhaul was provided in the amount of $34,100. This includes $7,300 the city has into the project so far for the pulling and reinstalling of the pump and the televising of the casing which has been done. The pump and motor overhaul is estimated at $14,300 and the cleaning of the well and casing is $12,500.
City officials said doing the entire project will use up the rest of the maintenance money in the water budget for the year.
But, the casing needs to be cleaned and they already have the pump pulled which will keep the city from having to spend that money again if they were to do it at a later date. Commissioners discussed how the move would impact the budget and all agreed with the recommendation.
A motion was made to approve the hiring of Peerless Midwest to overhaul the pump motor and clean the well and casing of Well House #2 at a total estimated cost of $34,100.
The motion was approved 4-0