Blackwell of Charlevoix pleads guilty to medical MJ theft, use of false evidence

Blackwell was set to go to trial on Wednesday, August 8 on these charges as well as additional charges of larceny greater than $20,000 and witness intimidation. Those charges were dismissed as part of a plea agreement as was a charge of home invasion.

According to the affidavits of probable cause filed in the cases, Blackwell and three other men, all of whom have already pleaded guilty in connection with the events, broke into two area medical marijuana grow operations and stole medical marijuana.

After the four were charged, Blackwell asked one of his co-defendants to lie for him and to create a letter stating that Blackwell was not involved in the robberies. Text messages between Blackwell and the co-defendant revealed that Blackwell told the co-defendant what to say and sought to have them to lie under oath.

The letter created by the co-defendant at Blackwell’s urging was introduced at Blackwell’s preliminary examination in the 90th District Court and formed the basis for the false evidence charge. The false evidence charged may be served consecutively to the breaking and entering charge as it was committed while Blackwell was on bond.

Sentencing will occur on Aug. 24.