Bill includes significant funds for Michigan roads

The County Road Association of Michigan appreciates a gift to the people of Michigan in the form of additional road funds in the supplemental appropriation bill initiated by Gov. Rick Snyder and approved by the Legislature on Friday.

The $1.25 billion appropriations bill includes $114 million for roads, of which county road agencies will share $44.6 million, according to the traditional state formula. The inclusion and approval of these funds in the supplemental appropriations bill shines more light on the great need for road funding now and in the future.

“County road agencies appreciate and need these funds to continue repairing and rebuilding Michigan’s crumbling county road and bridge system,” said Denise Donohue, CRA director. “The timing as the year ends is nice, as it allows road agencies to prioritize how they will use these funds and seek local matching dollars before spring rolls around. We extend our hearty thanks to Gov. Snyder and the 99th Legislature for their support that is so important to commerce, tourism and all drivers in Michigan.”

The 83 members of the County Road Association represent the unified voice for a safe and efficient county transportation system in Michigan, including appropriate stewardship of the public’s right-of-way in rural and urban Michigan.  Collectively, Michigan’s county road agencies manage 75 percent on all roads in the state, including 90,000 miles and 5,700 bridges.  Michigan has the nation’s fourth-largest local road system.