OPINION: Boyne City resident wants Obamacare fixed

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Fix yhe Affordable Care Act
The Kaiser Family Foundation reported in December 2016 that 47 percent of Americans do not want ACA repealed and 28 percent do not want repeal without replacement. Thus, 75 percent of Americans want affordable care—so fix it!

Keep what is working.

Twenty million more Americans now have health insurance.

As of January 2017, 32 states including Michigan implemented ACA Medicaid expansion where federal monies were provided to cover more low-income uninsured individuals.

A University of Michigan study found that the Michigan Medicaid Plan expansion created 30,000 jobs and increased revenues to hospitals, physicians, decreased unpaid charity and generated savings in behavioral health,etc. Approximately 52 million adults under 65 with preexisting conditions are now insured with no annual or lifetime limits on coverage.

Women no longer pay more than men, maternal and newborn care is covered and women have better preventive care with no copay.

Other preventive services include cancer, diabetes, cholesterol screenings, vaccinations, etc. with no copay.

Seniors have lower prescription drug costs and adults under 26 are covered on their parent’s insurance.

A major problem with ACA is the high insurance premium for nearly 34 percent of Americans in which insurance companies play a role.

Many states are working on solutions such as consumer-driven premiums, where the state determines which insurers can operate, negotiates prices and benefits.

Other proposed solutions are enforcing special enrollment periods, shrinking provider networks and pushing ER costs onto consumers. Additionally, there needs to be some assistance to small and large employers in providing insurance packages and benefits for their employees

Under ACA, 20 million more Americans have insurance coverage, consumer protections, benefits and preventive services.

Insurance executives, legislators, health professionals, and consumers should fix it, don’t re-ivent it, so all citizens have quality, affordable care.

Catherine Hunter
Boyne City