New plan for Boyne’s Veterans Park pavilion approved

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City officials want the Veterans Park pavilion to be renovated, even if it can’t happen all at once.

Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson presented a proposal, from the Boyne City Veterans Park Pavilion Committee, which would see the structure improved with a phased approach as funds are available.


“The pavilion committee has been working on the pavilion improvement for a number of years now,” McPherson told the Boyne City Planning Commission at its July 17 meeting… “Initially, there was a grant from, I believe, the MEDC called ‘Farm and Table’ and that would have potentially funded about $500,000 of the project. The committee started fundraising and moving towards that goal. The initial anticipated budget for the project was about $750,000, and a number of concepts were looked at.”

However, during the planning process, it was learned that the grant was no longer available.

“They did do some fundraising. They do have some money. And, they do want to keep moving forward with this project,” McPherson said. “So, what they’re looking at is doing a bid for design and build with looking at perhaps a phased project.”

When the Boyne City Gazette last updated this story—in late-December, 2015—one Boyne City official said more than $200,000 had been raised to help fund the pavilion project.

McPherson said that, since this proposal involves a renovation, the pavilion would remain where it is.

“The real impetus for this was the farmers market—providing a space for a year-round market,” he said.

McPherson said the intent was to have an enclosed space with overhead doors but the proposed project is still in the early phase.

Some planning commissioners said they would like to see a proposed layout for everything in the park, to get a better idea of how it will look in the future.

McPherson said one of the users will be the Boyne City Farmers Market but the space will still be available for public use as the pavilion has been in the past.

Other questions planning commissioners had included:
How will the facility be heated?
What will happen to the fireplace?
What are the proposed pantry spaces for?

“A lot more information will be available after bids come back,” said McPherson.

Planning commissioners were asked to decide whether the proposal was consistent and appropriate with the city’s recreation and capital improvement plans.

The planning commission voted 7-0 to go ahead with the project as presented.

Planning commission chair Chris Frasz, and vice-chair Aaron Place were absent.