New leadership at Boyne City Genesis Church

Nathan Kimbrough Family
Jamie Woodall

Genesis Boyne City church is going through an exciting transition in which founding pastor Jamie Woodall has passed the torch of leadership to Nathan Kimbrough.

In October of 2010, Genesis Boyne launched services at the Boyne Elementary school. In 2013, they moved into the high school performing arts center for Sunday morning worship times.

“Genesis Boyne has needed a person who has a passion to create new organizational systems and teams that function at higher levels to accomplish our mission and vision,” said Woodall. “Nathan is that man! First and foremost, he loves God and loves others, and will lead well.”

He added, “Our leaders worked a very thorough selection process, reviewing hundreds of resumes and potential pastors, interviewing many, and landed at Nathan and Jennie Kimbrough.”

Jamie also jokingly said, “It even helps that Nathan looks like a modern-day Jesus!”

Jamie and the leaders of Genesis are very excited about Nathan and his wife Jennie’s arrival in Boyne City.

Their emphasis is serving the community, building friendships, and helping others find faith and to grow in faith.

Nathan Kimbrough has been a church consultant for years.

His personal mission is to use his skills in creativity and administration to help form, develop and grow the vision of the contemporary church.

Working for Genesis Boyne City is where God has very clearly called him to fulfill this mission.

“I am looking forward to getting to know the community,” said Nathan. “I am eager to work on honing in on a vision and creating a long-term plan for the future of Genesis and what our part in the greater Boyne City community will be.”

Woodall said Nathan is a great fit for the needs of the church both in his ability to think outside the box, and to bring solid administrative structure and future planning to the church body.

When Nathan was asked why he chose Boyne City, he said, “It’s not actually about Boyne City at all. I am called to a certain type of job, not a specific place. I left ‘where’ up to God, and he brought us to Boyne City. I am really excited about God’s call to come here, and the wonderful prospect of calling Boyne City home.”

His hobbies are varied; he enjoys arts, theater, culinary experiences, as well as hiking, reading, watching movies, and travel.

He and his wife most recently spent a year in Germany, where he worked for Frontline Community Church as a pastoral resident.

Nathan’s wife, Jennie, is an accomplished artist and sells her work all over the world.

You can check out her work at

Woodall now works part-time using his gifts to help Genesis Boyne grow in strength, as well as working with a new design-build company called Master-Builds.

“Kristie and I recognized that our specialty is starting things up,” said Woodall. “We love to be in the community networking, ministering, meeting new friends, learning ways to encourage them in life and in faith. We simply came to realize that we needed a different set of gifts and abilities to help take Genesis Boyne to the next level organizationally, and have greater impact in our town.”

He added, “Our church is not yet large enough yet to take on two pastors. So, we decided to step to the side and become bi-vocational so another leader could come. We believe this move will help our church family as well as help us continue raising our four growing kids.”

Woodall said he is very excited about Nathan’s new leadership, and plans to work with him to continue helping Genesis Boyne accomplish their mission and vision in the community.

Genesis Church is a multisite church, whose mission is to plant new churches. Genesis Church has three core values: building genuine relationships, knowing Jesus Christ, and serving others.

Currently, Genesis has sites in Petoskey, Boyne City and Harbor Springs with plans to plant across Northern Michigan.

Genesis Boyne continues to meet at 11 a.m. on Sundays at the Boyne City High School and Performing Arts Center.

Go to for more information or check Genesis out on Facebook: Genesis Boyne.