Michigan Legislature begins again

The 99th Michigan Legislature met for the first time on Jan. 11.

New officers were selected for the House, which has 42 new members.

Senators are half-way through their four year terms, and the Senate retained the same leadership.


This report includes a procedural vote or attendance roll call from each body so that readers can see the names of their own new or continuing state Representative and Senator.

• House Resolution 2, Select House officers for the 99th Legislature: Passed unanimously by all members present
To elect House leaders for the 99th Michigan Legislature, including Rep. Tom Leonard, R-Dewitt, to be Speaker of the House. Democrats selected Rep. Sam Singh of East Lansing to be the House Minority leader. Minority Leader Singh seconded the motion to make Rep. Leonard the Speaker.
105 Rep. Triston Cole R -Y

• Senate Resolution SR, Senators of the 99th Michigan Legislature
Names of the state Senator or Senators who represent districts in your area.
This is shown for reference purposes.
37 Sen. Wayne Schmidt R – Traverse City Y

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Y = Yes, N = No, X = Not Voting