Letter to the editor: Where is MI District 1 Congressman Bergman?

Unhappy with Rep. Bergman
An extremely large number of 1st District constituents fanned out in a concerted search effort this past week to find our elusive Congressman Jack Bergman.

Despite their intense work and hardships the “General” was nowhere to be seen.

Upon follow-up questioning, previously reported sightings from Escanaba to Gaylord have proven to be somewhat false as eyewitness’s now describe seeing only an empty suit resembling Bergman in the area at those specific times.

With a myriad of difficulties facing Northern Michigan, be it the looming ecological disaster known as Pipeline 5, tens of thousands losing health care, many others losing food assistance along with their basic Human Rights plus cuts to Public education, this “fearless General” has been doing his “fighting” in Washington against what he considers the Trump administration’s “domestic enemies.”

He repeatedly votes to block any investigations into Trump’s tax returns or the alleged Russian Federation hacking of OUR election processes, while simultaneously dispossessing as many people as he possibly can from the American Dream.

When it comes to Trump or Truth, Bergman never supports the Truth.

It’s becoming more apparent by the day that our New Orleans, Louisiana loving Congressman does not share the same vision of a Pure Michigan that so many of his constituents do.

Continuing the search for the MIA “General” should remain a top priority and one must never give up the slimmest hope of finding him.

As long as it may take, there are many dedicated retirees, grandparents, younger and older people from all walks of life and yes, some who are medically challenged actively doing their part but at the end of the day, most missions like this primarily become that of a rescue instead.

It’s past time to consider what heritage we will leave to our grandchildren and those generations that will follow.
John Hunter
Traverse City