LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need God more than ever

letters to the editor

In the Oct. 11 issue of The Boyne City Gazette, you ask the reader how they would feel if our children were preached about God by a stranger?

Well, I certainly approve of the preacher.

Who else would preach to them but a stranger?

Few parents teach them about God.

Even fewer give them discipline for fear the school authorities will send the police to their door.


The courts directed by the government, who knows more than parents about raising children, steps in with an iron hand to force and intimidate parents so that parents won’t risk a bruise on the butt of an unruly child.

The preacher almost has to be a stranger.

Our church pews in most places are nearly void of young people.

Christmas carols about Jesus cannot be sung in school.

No Bible on a desk and no prayer can be voiced.

On the same page 2 of your issue is a picture of Uncle Sam, who if praying, is the picture of a hypocrite.

He prays while disallowing school children to do the same.

The picture below Uncle Sam shows the direct result of not praying.

Why should we be concerned about a stranger preaching to our children?

Before our children, we laud the brewery we’ve built and sidewalk sales.

Don’t they teach our children how to destroy their lives and have some sophisticated fun while doing it?

Of course, we don’t mention the destructive part in our ads.

We let the courts and the prisons bear that testimony.

When teachers hand out condoms and demonstrate their use, doesn’t that teach the student about the good life?

And we worry about a strange preacher who may give our students a real and necessary lesson about life?

Look at our streets, malls, and parking lots, are they safe?

Does our locked doors assure a safe sleep?

Even many school hallways are danger zones.

Instead of fearing the preacher who is a stranger, let us make him our friend.

He is the one who can teach our students about life.

Without Jesus Christ in our life, we all, like Uncle Sam, will kneel in great perplexity at the problems we face.

Without God, there is no such thing as a successful life.

Complete success is always measured at the end of an event.

At the end of your life, will you be a success?

Robert D. Simons
Boyne City