LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Balloons and water don’t mix

Keep balloons out of river
In Boyne City “where life meets lake,” water balloon fights have been a popular activity during July 4th waterfront festivities.


In this holiday spirit of friendly competition and camaraderie, it’s easy to forget about the health of our priceless aquatic environment as well as individual safety.

Unfortunately, balloons do not readily decompose in or out of the water.

In the aftermath of balloon throwing skirmishes, numerous fragments linger as a digestive system hazard for birds and fish that swallow the brightly colored morsels.

Additionally, balloon debris can remain as visual waterside litter and wildlife threats for years.

Add the risk of personal injury from flying objects, and “a fun event” can easily become an unplanned watershed tragedy.

Since citizen attempts to remove balloon fragments from the water have been largely ineffective, it’s important that we ask July 4th attendees to become part of the solution for stopping balloon pollution.

For the love of our beautiful river and lake, please don’t toss water balloons in or near waterways.

Taking this small responsible step in 2017 will not only uphold the environmental health and recreational quality of our water resources but also promote a higher level of personal holiday safety.

Friends of the Boyne River
PO Box 186, Boyne City, MI