Leon Jarema award ceremony at Boyne airport tonight

At 6 p.m. on Wednesday May 10, the Boyne City Airport Advisory Board in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will honor a local airport board member and local Pilot, Leon Jarema, with the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award.

This award is given by the FAA to recognize pilots of 50 or more years of flying experience and contributions to General Aviation.

Leon Jarema is a great example of what this award represents.

He took his first flying lesson at the Boyne City Airport in November of 1962 and has continued to fly from there since.

After receiving his Private Pilot Certificate in March of 1964, Leon continued to achieve ratings and certificates that include Commercial rating,

Instrument rating, Multi-engine rating, Certified Flight Instructor levels I & II, Air Transport Pilot, Seaplane rating and instructor and Commercial Glider pilot and instructor.

During the last 50 years, Leon has consistently worked in General Aviation.

His resume includes charter flying with passengers or cargo, Chief pilot for a local Boyne City company, Charter pilot for North Country Aviation in Gaylord.

Since 1969 Leon has operated a Flight School at the Boyne City Airport with hundreds of students receiving their Private Pilot license under his mentorship.

Jarema taught at the Boyne City High School for over 30 years and included Aviation Classes for his students.

He also taught Aviation Ground School at North Central Michigan College.

Leon has over 19,500 hours in his flight log books with approximately 11,000 hours of Instrument flying.

Over the years Leon has flown 115 aircraft types and models which included flying an airplane from Newfoundland over the North Atlantic to Ireland in 1974.

For over 20 years Leon has served on the Airport Board and fulfilled the role as Assistant Airport Manager.
Jarema is nowhere near done with his career.

He will continue to fly, instruct, mentor, serve on the board and contribute valuably to the field of aviation.

Leon encompasses the heart and soul of the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award.

He has achieved so much in aviation and has given back so much more.

His legacy of accomplishment and learning are benchmarks for future aviators, as well as his dedication to passing on his wisdom to future flyers.

Please join us in celebrating this milestone achievement and prestigious award that will be presented to Leon Wednesday evening at the Boyne City Airport Terminal Building located at 1040 E. Main St.

Immediately following the award ceremony there will be a free public “Aviation Safety” seminar.

For questions or additional information contact City Manager Michael Cain at mcain@boynecity.com or 582-0377 or Airport Board Member Richard Bouters at rlbouters@hotmail.com or (231) 675-0797.

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