Hestia Women’s Giving Circle empowers Emmet, Charlevoix women and girls

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Have you ever contemplated your own success?

Was it a coach, camp counselor, parent, or friend who supported you?

Was it the willpower you discovered as a child learning to swim in cold waters or the inner strength you found when faced with hardship?

To be successful, we must be given opportunities and choose them.

The Hestia Women’s Giving Circle supports organizations in our community that empower women and girls through opportunities that they would not otherwise have.

Hestia is composed of 51 women committed to donating a full membership of $1000 or a shared membership of $500 to Hestia each year.

Nonprofits from Emmet and Charlevoix County compete for a share of these funds in support of Hestia’s mission: to promote the economic self sufficiency and well-being of women and girls.

Last week at the Little Harbor Point Golf Club, eight organizations were granted a share of Hestia’s 2017 gifts: a total of $38,500.

One of Hestia’s founding members, sujo Offield, was the wonderful and welcoming host of the event.

This and every year, Planned Parenthood of Michigan and the Women’s Resource Center are major grantees.

This year’s recipients also included the First Tee of Northern Michigan, YMCA of Northern Michigan, the Northmen Den, Charlevoix MUN, Big Brothers Big Sisters of NW Michigan, and Petoskey Public Schools Robotics Programs.

Highlights of the evening were the many heartfelt personal stories from grant recipients.

Staff expressed gratitude for the unique support Hestia funds provide to their programs.

Program participants spoke of how their lives changed as they felt safe enough to step out of their comfort zones and learn new skills, find their voices, develop confidence and leadership abilities, advocate for themselves, discover a new life path, help others in need.

Hearing stories from women and girls who were inspired by strong role models and in turn are inspiring others, made listeners know that Hestia Women’s Giving Circle is making a difference.

Hestia Women’s Giving Circle is a donor-advised fund of the Charlevoix County Community Foundation and welcomes new members.

By combining tax-deductible annual membership contributions, many worthwhile local programs and activities are supported through grants.

For more information please contact Denise Simon (231) 526-9302 or info@hestiacircle.org