EMS agreement, museum costs, public hearings top Boyne commission

Public hearings on an alley vacation and recreation plan amendments, a new EMS partnership and the latest on the city’s museum plans topped the agenda of the Boyne City Commission last week.

Commissioners met on Tuesday Feb. 14 to discuss the following topics:


Alley Vacation Hearing
An application for the vacation of a public alleyway was submitted by Darrel and Marcella Hill. They requested the alley located between their two parcels be vacated. The alley is 16.5 feet wide and 330 feet long, and extends between Lincoln Street and the undeveloped portion of Cedar Street east of Grant Street.
The alley is undeveloped and not maintained and contains no infrastructure. All the adjacent property owners have signed a petition in support of the request.
City officials identified no issues regarding the request.
Before a street or alley can be vacated by the city commission, a recommendation on the proposed request must come from the planning commission. The planning commission reviewed the request and approved it for review by the city commission.
Following a public hearing on the matter, the commission unanimously approved the vacation request.

Rec. plan amendment
The DNR and Waterways Commission requires certain elements addressing marinas/harbors to be included in a community’s 5 Year Recreation Plan in order to be considered for grant funding.
Boyne City does have a Marina Master Plan, written in 2005, and the marina and boat launch are mentioned in the current recreation plan; however, the specific elements they want communities to discuss and evaluate are not included at this time.
Input was sought from the Parks and Recreation Board, Planning Commission, and the public.
A plan was drafted and reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Board and Planning Commission and then recommended for public review.
At the Feb. 6 Parks and Recreation Board meeting, the board unanimously voted to pass a resolution recommending adoption of the 5 Year Recreation Plan Amendment as presented.
The proposed Recreation Plan Amendment requires a public hearing and a resolution from the highest officiating body adopting the plan amendment.
The public hearing was held, and a resolution for the adoption of the 5 Year Recreation Plan Amendment incorporating the Harbor/Marina Facilities addendum was unanimously approved.

EMS agreement
Boyne City officials hope a new agreement among local emergency medical services entities will help deliver improved services without any significant cost increases.
Before the commission were two agreements:
The first was a mutual aid agreement with the City of Charlevoix for supportive emergency medical services. In the event of a catastrophic event in either community, the agencies involved will provide coverage and support to each other at no cost to the recipient community.
Boyne City EMS has a similar agreement with Emmet County EMS.
The second agreement to be signed was a memo of understanding which allows the two agencies to collaborate in assuring system development and sharing where appropriate.
The Charlevoix City Council approved both agreements at its Feb. 6 meeting.
Boyne City Commissioners unanimously approved the agreement as well.

Museum plan/design bids
On Monday Feb. 6, bids were opened for the provision of the Boyne City Museum planning and design services.
Five bids were received with proposed costs ranging from a low of $32,800 to a high of $70,725.
City officials say that, as the new museum space is being developed as part of the new city facilities project, there is an opportunity for a new beginning for telling Boyne’s story.
However, the project was not anticipated nor budgeted for as a part of the city facilities project.
And, other than a small amount of potential savings from not doing some of the proposed work in the museum space, no money has been set aside for the work.
Fundraising opportunities are being explored.
Commissioners did not discuss this matter at last week’s meeting as it was postponed until the meeting of Feb. 28.

Featured photo: The Boyne City Commission continues to meet in its temporary location across the street from here, the construction site of the new Boyne City Hall and EMS/Police/Fire facilities. This photo was taken by Chris Faulknor on Saturday Feb. 18.


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