Dale Hull named director of Petoskey Voices Without Borders

voices without borders
Dale Hull

Voices Without Borders (VWB), the Petoskey based nonprofit arts organization that produces the biennial Children of the World in Harmony Festival and has developed the Little Traverse Youth Choir (LTYC) over the past several years, has announced that it has hired Dale Hull to serve as its Executive Director.

Hull is the former executive director of northern Michigan’s Crooked Tree Arts Center, the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra, My Father’s Love Foundation, and Artists North.

He also serves as Associate Producer at Contemporary Learning Systems, makers of educational documentaries for public television.

“I have difficulty trying to express how excited I am about working toward connecting the things I love most in this world: Children and the Arts. Our Little Traverse Youth Choir is preparing to serve as hosts this summer for about 200 children who are coming here to sing with them from all over the world: Germany, Russia, Thailand, Viet Nam, Canada, and of course the United States.“

During the week-long Festival, running from July 18 through the 23rd, choirs will perform music and dance numbers representative of their own cultures at concerts held all over northern Michigan, including Beaver Island.

The LTYC choirs will do the same.

The cultural exchange culminates in a final Gala Performance at which the entire group closes the Festival with the song, Let There Be Peace On Earth.

“Dr. Jack Kukuk, who organized the first several Children of the World in Harmony Festivals and held them in large cities all over the world while serving as the Education Director at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., retired to Petoskey in 2008,” says Hull. “While he and I were sailing on Little Traverse Bay one sunny afternoon, getting to know one another, the conversation turned toward answering the question: Why can’t we hold the Festival right here, on Little Traverse Bay? And neither of us could find an excuse for not trying.”

Hull identifies his short-term goals as helping VWB prepare for this summer’s Festival and the LTYC’s Little Traverse Youth Choir’s participation in it as well and hosting that event.

The other short-term goal is getting the Choir on public television as they are preparing at the moment to serve as back-up singers for Robin Lee Berry’s performance of the theme song in the made for television documentary, Young Hemingway And His Enduring Eden.

The premiere presentation of the documentary is scheduled for this July 21 in coordination with the installation of the new bronze statue of Hemingway to be placed in Pennsylvania Park.

“My long-term goal,” continues Hull, “is to help Artistic Director, Jack Kukuk and our Choir Director, Kevin Wells prepare our Little Traverse Youth Choir for its tour of Ireland and Scotland during the summer of 2018.”

Anyone between the ages of 8 and 18 interested in joining our choir and willing to travel can meet the group at any regularly scheduled rehearsal held at 6:30 p.m. every Thursday at Cross of Christ Lutheran Church on Mitchell St. in Petoskey.

For more information, contact Dale Hull at 231-632-2731.