Charlevoix County Veteran of the Month Karl Bergmann

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Karl Bergmann

The “Veteran of the Month” for May 2017 is Karl August Bergmann.

Born on December 25th, 1899 on the family farm in Wilson Township, Charlevoix County, Michigan, as a young boy he left home traveling to Chicago.


Bergmann enlisted in the Navy at the age of 15 by lying about his age and using the name of Harry Woods.

He wasn’t happy with the Navy, so he went AWOL (absent without leave).

He jumped railroad cars and traveled all over the United States making a living by playing the piano in restaurants and bars.

He decided to enlist in the Army, but since he was listed as AWOL from the Navy, he enlisted under the name of Jimmy Dale, and was honorable Discharged under that name after World War I.

He was assigned to Battery A, 44th Field Artillery, stationed in Texas.

During the Great Flu Epidemic, he worked at the base Hospital, removing those who had succumbed to the Flu Epidemic.

After being Honorably Discharged he returned to the family farm to help his father and married Maude Hosler on October 23rd, 1921 in Antrim County.

With the help of Maudes father, his name was corrected from his enlistment as Jimmy Dale, to Karl August Bergmann.

During World War II, Bergmann left the farm and was a construction foreman at the Willow Run Air Base, Kincheloe Air Force Base and other Air Force Bases around the United States.

After the War, he again returned to farming, retiring in 1960.

He was a member of the Wilson Grange and a Seventh Degree member of the National Grange.

On March 27th, 1963 Karl August Bergmann answered the final call and is being honored by his family.

To honor any deceased, Honorably Discharged, U.S. Military Veteran, call the program chairman at (231) 588-6067 or on Tuesdays call (231) 582-7811 between 3:30-8:30 p.m.

The ceremony may be witnessed on the first Thursday of each month at The American Legion Post located on the corner of South Lake and Main streets in Boyne City, Mich. at 6:15 p.m.