Boyne Police activity Aug. 21-27

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See what the Boyne City Police Department’s officers do in their daily work with this look at their weekly incident reports

Monday, August 21, 2017

0300 Suspicious situation in the 300 block of E Pine St

0336 Suspicious situation in the 300 block of E Pine St

0800 Driving complaint on Lakeshore over the weekend

0820 Found rabies tag dropped off at PD. Owner notified

1125 Larceny reported from the 300 block of Terrace St.

1222 Report of lost cell phone.

1541 Information received on possible juvenile complaint in the 100 block of S Park St


1620 Civil complaint from the 400 block of Boyne Av

1554 Found keys

1751 Report of vehicle stolen from the 500 block of Boyne Av and wrecked on Boyne city Rd. Driver fled.

1733 Report of suspicious person laying in the Industrial Park.

1751 Report of missing person from the 400 block of N East St. Was laying in the Industrial Park.

1810 Report of several kids throwing rocks on the shopper dock. Kids said a boat came by and threw water bottles at them so they threw back. Several bottles floating.

2155 Assist fire units on Crozier Rd.

2157 Vehicle unlock in the 500 block of N Lake St


0202 Assist EMS in the 400 block of State St

1230 Subject at the PD to make a report of threats being made against child.

1319 Littering complaint from the Open Space

1454 Vehicle unlock on North St.

1525 Subject reported hearing explosion in the 400 block of Boyne Av

1301 911 hang up from the 1100 block of Boyne Av.

1542 Vehicle unlock a Veterans Park

1750 Vehicle unlock in the 200 block of N Park St

1815 Report of gun shots in the area of Call and Jefferson

2047 Report of 6-8 juveniles at Peninsula Beach possibly responsible for prior vandalism. Gone on arrival. No damage located.

2138 Assist MSP on traffic stop on N Park and Groveland


0049 Report of subject hiding in the bushes outside the library and fleeing on foot when approached. Found juvenile running in the area. Had snuck out and was using wi-fi. Was returned home.

0848 Report of vehicle parked on grass by Marina.

1032 Vehicle unlock at Marina

1259 Parking violation at S. Park and Morgan St.

1806 Assist Sheriff Dept on Boyne City Rd.

1944 Arrested subject for no insurance subsequent to a crash on S. Lake at Ray.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

1149 Citation issued for speed on Front near Second.

1540 Assist Sheriff Dept at Park and E. Main.

1757 Intoxicated subject in the 400 block of N. East St.

2019 Vehicle unlock at the Marina.

Friday, Aug. 25, 2017

0834 Report of vehicle driving through lawn on Front St and Tannery Park overnight.

1120 Report of stolen ATM card and several purchases made with the card.

1425 Suspicious subject reported at Rotary Park.

1611 Dispatched an injured animal at West and Cherry

1815 Report of kids jumping off shopper dock

1831 Unlock in the 1000 block of Boyne Av

2208 Assist EMS in the 400 block of State St


0157 Individual calling with civil child custody questions

0352 Disturbance reported in the area of S. East St. and Pine St.

1447 Private property damage crash in recycle parking lot

1558 Juveniles kids jumping off Shoppers Dock

1708 Subject bitten by a dog at Water and Park St. Unable to locate dog

1838 Subject reports not being able to enjoy her meal on S Lake St, because of large crowd.

2025 Lodged a stray puppy at the shelter.

2124 Arrested subject on our warrant in the 500 block of Hull St


0018 Lodge dog at the shelter

0132 Citation issued for Speed at N. Park St. and Wildwood Harbor Rd.

0218 Assist Sheriff Dept with report of a loud party on Timber Ridge Tr

0314 Located juveniles riding their bikes at North and East St

0605 Assist Sheriff Dept disturbance on M-75 N and Ecker Rd

0918 Report of found bike in the 300 block of North St. Returned to owner.

1044 Report of subject yelling at child in abusive manner.

1056 Vehicle unlock in the 200 block of N. East,

1635 Larceny from the 1300 block of Boyne Av

1655 Suspicious situation reported in the 600 block of N East St

2115 Citation issued for speed at Lake and Lincoln