Boyne officials talk city hall furnishings, Boyne Valley Trail, Open Space appraisal, voting equipment

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The Boyne City Commission discussed an array of items at its most recent meeting, including bids for furnishings for the new city hall facilities, another appraisal of the 475 North Lake St. Open Space property, developments on the Boyne Valley Trail, and new voting equipment.

Commissioners met for their regular bimonthly meeting on Tuesday May 9.


City Manager report
Boyne City Manager Michael Cain gave his usual report to commissioners highlighting various city business matters.
• The City gave away 450 trees for Arbor Day.
• The main boat launch and shopper’s dock are open.
• The ice pole has been removed for the season.
• The farmer’s market is back at Veteran’s Park for the season.
• The Marina was expected to open on Monday May 15.
• Curbside collection of leaf bags will continue on Mondays and Fridays through the month of May
• At their April 28 meeting, the Michigan Waterways Commission approved the $260,000 grant to start Boyne City’s marina expansion.
• Savings of energy and money has begun with the installation of the new LED lights with Consumers Energy. 14 lights still need to be converted.
• Crack sealing at the airport and on the streets is done. Pavement marking will take place next.
• Next week the new tennis courts will be colored and marked
• The damaged gate at Avalanche will be replaced next week
• The hole at North Lake Street and Vogel will be repaired when new valve parts are received. The leak was caused by faulty bolts. Cain said the city is looking to replace all similar valve bolts that were used.
• Dennis Amesbury retired on Friday May 12, after 33 years of working for the city.

Open Space appraisal
There was a consideration to allow city staff the opportunity to select a second appraisal bid to not exceed $6,000 and allow the city manager to negotiate fees based on services needed and to execute all necessary documents to complete the contract.
“At your last meeting, we brought three bids before you and recommended that we go with the low bid to have the first appraisal conducted,” said Boyne City Harbormaster Barb Brooks.
Brooks said a contract was signed with the low bidder for the initial Open Space appraisal.
However, the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant requires a second appraisal be performed.
Brooks said city staff would like to move forward on the second appraisal before the appraisers get too busy to complete another appraisal in a timely manner.
Boyne City Commissioner Hugh Conklin asked how the city would decide who would do the second appraisal.
Cain said the city would likely go with Michigan Appraisal Company as they didn’t require engineering services.
Boyne City Commissioner Ron Grunch asked why the appraisal cost had gone up since 2014.
Brooks said all the bids came in at a similar rate and they may be more detailed because it is being prepared for grant purposes.
The commission voted 5-0.

Boyne Valley Trail
The commission considered approving a Professional Services agreement with Northwest Design Group (NDG) for trail design and construction engineering services for Phase 1 of the Boyne Valley Trailway.
“With the funding secured for the phase one of the Boyne Valley Trail, it’s time to move on with the design and construction of the trail,” said Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson.
McPherson reviewed the numbers of the proposed contract with Northwest Design Services.
Design services would be $77,000, and Engineering services would be $58,075, for a total of $133,075.
Engineering Services will be reimbursable through the Michigan Natural Resources Trust fund.
Dave Boyle of NDG was present at the meeting. His firm has been working on the grant process for the last year and will strive to meet numbers as presented.
The trail, from Boyne City to Boyne Falls, is expected to be built in the summer of 2018.
Mike Sheean of Boyne Valley Trails has been working on a preliminary plan for nearly five years. Preliminary costs have been covered by donations from the public.
During board discussion, Cain said the trail discussion has been going on for many years.
“I think this is an important part of Boyne City really trying to come of age,” he said.
Cain said this trail will make important connections between Boyne Falls, Boyne Valley Township, and Boyne Mountain.
“I think these are really going to be great economic development and recreational tools for our citizens and visitors as well,” Cain said.
“These are all important pieces of plans we’ve been putting together for decades.”
Boyne City Commissioner Laura Sansom asked if the trail would be paved and whether the right-of-way has been secured along the route.
Sheean said it will be paved and the easements have been secured.
Conklin asked if funding had been secured for both phases.
Cain said it is highly likely the trail would be funded but he would not use the wording “secured” until they actually have the money.
The motion passed unanimously.

City furnishings
Consideration to approve the bid from Interphase Interiors in the amount of $64,502.47 to provide furnishings for the new city facilities and authorize the city manager to execute the documents.
Brooks said the City received four bids to provide furnishings for the new city hall and it was recommended to go with the low bidder.
Cain said correspondence was received from Northern Design Company and the chamber of commerce encouraging the city to award the bid to a local provider.
While there is no formal policy to use local businesses, it is done when possible. However, because there was an $11,000 cost difference in the bids, city staff recommended to not use the local bidder.
A motion to approve the bid from Interphase Interiors in the amount of $64,502.47 to provide furnishing including delivery and installation for the new city facilities and authorize the city manager to execute the documents was unanimously approved.

Voting System Grant
Consideration to approve the resolution authorizing the city to apply to the Michigan Secretary of State via the Charlevoix County Clerk’s office for a grant to purchase the new voting systems from Dominion Voting Systems.
The new equipment will include a new tabulator, ballot box and accessible voting machine.
The city’s current equipment is already over 10 years old and it does jam and have occasional issues.
With the new equipment, there will be on-going maintenance costs which will need to be included in future budgets, but nothing excessive. In the past, city officials said, Charlevoix County has paid those costs.
The motion passed with a 5-0 vote.

Police equipment
Consideration to approve the bid from Habitec Security to install a camera system in the Boyne City Police Department Interview/Interrogation Room in the amount of $2,561.50.
Boyne City Chief of Police Jeff Gaither requested approval to install cameras in the interview room to comply with state law that requires all law enforcement agencies to have an audio/visual recording of interrogations for certain felonies.
Currently, the Boyne City Police have to transport the interviewee to the Charlevoix County Jail to obtain the recording, something police officials say is less than ideal.
Officials say now is a good opportunity to install the cameras while the new building is still in the construction phase.
Two bids were received and Gaither recommended the low bid from Habitec.
Boyne City Commissioner Delbert “Gene” Towne said this type of equipment offers protection to the officers as well as the person being interviewed.
The motion was unanimously approved.