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Boyne Gazette office closed because Chris got married

The Boyne City Gazette office is closed this week from Wednesday June 14 to Friday June 16. However, we are available by phone and email during regular business hours. For advertising/circulation, call (231) 582-2799 EXT. 1; for news matters, dial EXT. 2 or email us at

Chris and Tiffany (Arsenault) Faulknor were married on Sunday June 11 on Deer Lake in Boyne City. The newlyweds plan to honeymoon this week on Beaver Island.



By the time this column is out on the streets, I’ll be married.

I’ll have said “I do” in front of the County Clerk, and Tiffany and I will be legally “hitched.”

I could take the time to thank the numerous people who helped make this happen.

If I did, I’d thank my family for their incredible support in getting plans together, making a cake, tracking down supplies, and moral support.

I’d thank Ben, my partner-in-crime and Gazette co-owner for putting up with my anxious phone calls wondering how this is all going to get done and holding down the fort for several days to allow me to spend some time with my new wife, as well as keeping me sane over the past near-decade.

I could thank the numerous folks coming out to wish us well.

And I do thank all of these people and appreciate them, but I’m going to focus on myself for a second.

You see, I was supposed to end up by myself.

After all, a newspaper guy’s schedule isn’t always conducive to a family life.

My Christmas Day will always involve taking photos of a community event.

All parades? Yeah, those involve roaming around with a camera.

Thanksgiving? The family feast comes long after Turkey Trot and Community Dinner.

Heck, my new daughter is going to graduate, and while I’ll certainly take pictures of her, she won’t be the only graduate I’m aiming that lens at throughout the afternoon.

But, somehow, I lucked out.

Somehow, I found a girl who not only loves me, but doesn’t complain when I run off while we’re at the Mushroom Festival because I saw a good photo out there.

I found a companion who will listen to me blab day-after-day about what’s going on with the City Commission and hit “Refresh” a million times on the county website waiting for election results.

She understands that I love going to these events, and admires my love for this newspaper Ben and I have built over almost nine years.

I wasn’t supposed to get this lucky, but somehow, I did.

She got mildly annoyed after she spent hours writing her wedding vows and I announced that I was planning to “wing it” because “It works better that way for me.”

Well, I wrote something down.

I hope that when we get married tomorrow (I’m writing this on Saturday June 10), I’ll spit out something that conveys how much I love her and how lucky I am to have found her.

Regardless, being that she’s supposed to be saying “I do” shortly after, I think she knows.

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