Boyne Falls preschool rated five-star by Great Start to Quality

Boyne Falls Public School Preschool has received a five star quality rating from Great Start to Quality, Michigan’s tiered quality rating and improvement system for child care and preschool.


Great Start to Quality rates the level of quality of licensed and registered child care preschool programs in Michigan.

As of July 1st, the total number of all licensed programs and providers statewide totaled 8,387 with 174 of these programs acquiring the five star quality rating.

“As a team, we have put a lot of work into creating a high-quality program that is a good fit for the children and families that we serve,” said Mitchell Klooster, Program Director. “By participating in Great Start to Quality, we earn recognition for this hard work, and it holds us accountable to continue to improve upon the quality of care that we provide. The Char-Em school district has a lot of great preschool programs, full of wonderful and caring staff, but we know that we have one of the best, and earning this five star rating is evidence of that. We have a lot of support from the community, and it is a privilege to be able to have these relationships with some of the communities’ youngest learners and their families.”

He added, “Our Quality Improvement Consultant, Susan Chowen, was very instrumental in this process and did a lot of behind the scenes work uploading the necessary files required throughout the application process. We are very grateful for her. Not very many families know who she is, but she plays a large role in the quality of care that Northern Michigan families receive.”

Chowen said, “Participation in Great Start to Quality is voluntary, so programs that choose to be a part of the system are demonstrating their commitment to quality care.

These programs understand that high quality experiences are critical to children’s development and they are dedicated to meeting state standards that contribute to positive outcomes for the families and children they serve.”

Cindy Pineda, Boyne Falls School principal and superintendent is proud of the program’s five star rating.

“As a school system, we are extremely proud of our preschool program,” she said. “Our teachers committed to participating in this rigorous and continuous monitoring system that has resulted in a top-notch early childhood program.”

Pineda added, “For three years, our dedicated, caring staff focused on constant improvement and it is wonderful to see their hard work being validated by the Great Start to Quality system. It is a privilege to be able to offer a high quality preschool program to the Boyne Falls community.”

All but one state across the country has or is in the process of implementing a quality rating and improvement system.

The move comes as research shows that learning begins at birth and high-quality child care and preschool can help children succeed in school, work and life.

In Michigan, programs and providers can earn between one and five stars, based on the number of state standards they meet.

Great Start to Quality is comprised of more than 40 program quality indicators, aligned with Michigan’s Early Childhood Standards of Quality.

For Boyne Falls Public School Preschool, the ratings are an opportunity to share with the community the level of quality care offered.

To learn more about Great Start to Quality or to find out the ratings of other providers in your community, go to