Boyne EMS, city hall project update with photo tour

Boyne City Manager Michael Cain recently gave the Boyne City Gazette the grand tour of the new Boyne City administration and EMS facilities. Subscribers can read the big story and see nearly 60 photos from the tour. Call Chris today at 582-2799 to start your free trial subscription!


You’ve probably noticed the flurry of activity going on at the site of the new Boyne City Hall and EMS facilities.

Last week, Boyne City Manager Michael Cain took the Boyne City Gazette on a special tour of the work in progress. Cain gave updates on the project’s progress and showed off many of the building’s unique features.


“Kind of like the police department, we’ll have a conference room up front that will be able to service city hall or police or whoever needs it,” said Cain. “This one will obviously have some very nice views of the park and the lake and things of that nature.”

Construction on the new Boyne City facilities project is at a stage where progress can be seen daily. As of last week, siding was being installed on several portions of the building.

“When the building was first being designed, the police was supposed to be on this (east but now south) end of the building because I didn’t want garage doors facing the road—we have enough of those already,” said Cain.

Boyne City officials still hope the majority of construction on the new EMS and city hall structure will be completed by July, when city administration plans to move in.

The public entrance of the new city hall features a glass vestibule.

There will be a shared conference room for the police and general use, as well as a more secured conference room.

The new Boyne City Police Department will also have a private interview room, and a squad room for officer use, mens and womens restrooms and a locker room.

“For the first time ever, the police vehicles will be in the same building as the police garage,” Cain said.

The space for the museum will not be finished right away because there is currently a study going on to determine how best to preserve the city’s history.

The main first floor conference room will feature a glass panel wall and be used for EMS and fire department training. There is also a kitchen facility to support the conference room.

There are two kitchens going into the facility.

“So, if they have like trainings for the fire department or an all-day conference, or something like that, we’ve got food that we can handle very close by,” said Cain.

The MSU Extension Office is looking at doing some nutrition and food classes and will be able to utilize city hall’s kitchen facilities.

“And, the plan right now is, for the winter farmers market to be held in here and in the lobby and you can use the kitchen,” said Cain. “So, that really simplifies what we were looking to do possibly with the pavilion (Veterans Park) … we’ve already got this building heated and everything like that so that’s one of the things we’re looking at.”

Cain said stakeholders are still looking at what could be done with the Veterans Park pavilion.

The fire department will have a meeting room adjacent to a room which will show off the historic La France Fire Truck.

There will be glass doors to allow for a view of the lake and to show off the equipment.

There is a brass pole for firemen to slide down and a second-story mock window for firemen to climb up to for training purposes.

The 1905 tower clock, which is out of town being restored, is expected to be returned to the city on June 3.

“In the old clock tower that the city had, way back when in the ’50s—up until the 1950s over at the co-op—the clock mechanism was up in the tower,” said Cain. “We’re bringing the clock mechanism down here mainly so people will be able to walk up the sidewalk and look at it in the window, which will be lit. It will be ticking back and forth and all that type of stuff.”

He added, “As we’re building our future, we’ve got two big pieces of Boyne City’s past right here and prominently displayed.”
Another unique feature will be some of the walkways, including public entrances, that will be heated to prevent snow and ice accumulation in the winter.

The EMS area will have three bays for the two ambulances and the Echo Unit.

Cain said there will be a secured drug storage area that’s key coded and there will be security cameras on most of the doors.

EMS will also have a day area, sleeping quarters, showers and bathroom facilities.

The new city hall has an emergency generator which runs on natural gas and can power the entire facility.

On the second floor, there will be an employee weight and workout room.

Also on the second floor will be the MSU Extension Office’s space.

There is an access location to the clock tower in the second-story for maintenance purposes, which did not appear on the original plan.

The second floor of city hall will have space for store rooms, a conference room with access to a patio with views of Veterans Park and Lake Charlevoix, an IT room, the Boyne City Commission chambers, and the green roof feature, which will have a variety of plants on it which will have a drainage an irrigation system so that it maintains itself.

“We tried to bring in the wood that would capture the feel of Northern Michigan a little bit better,” Cain said of the unique ceiling in the commission chambers area.

The last of the old city facilities building—the former fire department—is expected to be removed sometime in June.

Big thanks to Michael Cain for giving us the grand tour!