Boyne City leaf and household junk collections

Leaf Pickup Schedule
May 1 – June 2,
Mondays & Fridays
The City will pick up leaves during the above scheduled times only. After the scheduled date, citizens will be responsible for their own leaves.
Set bagged leaves curbside anytime after the first day of pick up, in biodegradable paper bags.
City crews will pick up bags on Monday and Fridays only.
If your bags have been out for an extended period of time and have not been collected call City Hall at 582-6597.
Biodegradable paper bags are available at Boyne City Co-Op and Ace Hardware.
Put only leaves in bags as they are not strong enough to hold sticks, sand, or stones.
Brush will not be picked up curbside, but may be brought to the North Boyne Compost Site.
You may haul your own leaves, either bagged in biodegradable paper bags or unbagged, to the compost site on Robinson Street, open seven days a week for your convenience.
City Ordinance prohibits depositing leaves or other yard waste in the street.

Rubbish Collection
(Services provided to residences with 3 or less residential units)
• Furniture and household furnishing, such as sofas, chairs, mattresses, tables, lamps, floor coverings, and carpeting (carpeting must be rolled and secured in diameters of no greater than two feet and in lengths of no greater than four feet)
• Appliances, such as, but not limited to, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, hot water heaters, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers and radios (Freon must be removed from all refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers and dehumidifiers by a licensed contractor and removal certifications must be attached)
• Toys, bicycles, sporting goods, hoses and outdoor furniture
• Clothing and similar materials
• Remodeling and construction debris generated by the resident; roofing shingles must be placed within containers weighing less than 50 pounds
• Boards up to four feet in length and secured in bundles
• Earth, sod, rocks, and concrete (in reusable containers weighing less than 50 pounds)
*No televisions, computers or microwave ovens will be picked up
* The total volume of all items is limited to two cubic yards per week (the volume of a short bed truck)
* Do not put any items in any plastic garbage bags, as they will not be picked up

Material excluded
from collection
• Household garbage (residents must make arrangements with private refuse-disposal firms)
• Any item that will be accepted for recycling such as newspapers, magazines, cardboard, plastic, glass, etc.
The recycling dropoff point is in the rear of the Road Commission building on Boyne Ave.
Go to\recycling.asp for more info.
• Scrap metal (should be recycled)
• Trees, brush and grass clippings (these items may be dropped off at North Boyne, at the end of Robinson Street; commercial contractors are excluded from using this)
• Vehicle parts
• Manufacturing or trade wastes
• Remodeling/construction debris not generated by the resident
• Containers weighing more than 50 pounds (except for furniture and appliances)
• Tires and electronics including televisions, computers and microwave ovens.
• Hazardous products, such as paints, chemicals, solvents, motor oil, and batteries (visit\recycling.asp for household hazardous dates and information, or watch for flyers for the dates and locations)
For more information, call Andy Kovolski 582-0375.