Boyne City Commission meeting highlights

boyne city hall closes (3)
Boyne City Commissioners, the city manager and city clerk are pictured during the Tuesday March 29 meeting … the last one to be held in the old facility.

The Boyne City Commission met for its last regular meeting of 2016 before the holidays.
Here are the highlights of that Tuesday Dec. 13 meeting, which included discussion of the Marvin Loding Awards, an EMS technology grant, a Great Lakes Fishery Trust Grant, the city manager’s report, and a report on the sidewalk café alcohol ordinance.


Housekeeping matters
Approved to opt out of the requirements of PA 152 of 2011 for the coming year and authorize the City Manager and City Clerk / Treasurer to submit any required paperwork
Approved of the Parks & Recreation Commission to appoint Patrick Patoka to serve a second term on the Parks and Recreation Board for a four year term expiring December 31 of 2020
Both measures were approved by a vote of 5-0

City Manager Report
Boyne City Manager Michael Cain said the city hall project continues to make progress. He touched on the numerous grants worth millions of dollars the city received in the end of 2016.
The city will also receive another $4,000 from DTE Energy to plant trees around the city. Some 63 trees and bushes have been planted in the city’s right-of-ways, and just under 20 dead or dangerous ones have been removed.
The City has received the funds from MDOT for the Court and North Lake Street improvement project.
Cain Congratulated Martha Sulfridge, Wally Barkley and Andy Poineau for bringing the Last River Draw statue to life.
Also, ACD appears to have all of their equipment and some of the fiber lines to the four cellular antennas they have been installing on North, Grant, Brockway and Pleasant streets.
Cain also congratulated Kim Stevens, who retired from the local MSU Extension office with over 25 years of service here in the Boyne community just before the end of the year.
No action was necessary

Marvin Loding Award
Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson discussed the planning commission recognition of the 2016 Marvin Loding Award Commercial and Residential winners.
The planning commission reviewed nominations for the award at their October meeting and selected winners for the commercial and residential categories. McPherson announced the 2016 winners as Steven and Deborah Carlson for the residential award category for their home located at 221 North St. and Challenge Mountain as the winners of the Commercial award category.
No action was necessary

EMS Tech Grant
Consideration to authorize staff to apply for a grant from the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians in the amount of $10,000 to purchase two Verizon Modems for the EMS Department and authorize the City Manager to execute the documents. Cain discussed the request from EMS director John Lamont. The current technology utilizing Blackberry blue tooth connection that the city has is not reliable. The request would be for 82 percent tribal and 18 percent city with a total project cost of $12,176. During board discussion, Boyne City Commissioner Ron Grunch said he is very grateful for the grants received by the GTB for the community and is in full support of this request. The rest of the commission echoed his support.
A motion to apply for the moneys was approved by a vote of 5-0

Fishery Grant
Consideration to approve the Great Lakes Fishery Trust “Access to the Great Lakes Fishery” grant community resolution and allow the city manager or his designee to complete the necessary documents to implement the grant.
Boyne City Assistant Planner Patrick Kilkenny discussed the grant received from the Great Lakes Fishery Trust to assist developer Glen Catt with the public access fishing pier called for in the One Water Street development. The grant will provide a 50 percent match of the project. The fishing pier will be constructed as a removable floating dock, approximately 190 feet in length, located southwest of the mouth of the Boyne River and complimented by existing public restrooms, public parks and parking and includes a direct connection to the city’s Central Business District.
The pier will allow anglers of all experience levels and physical abilities to fish safely and conveniently.
The City is acting as the applicant only, and the project will not require any financial commitment from the City.
The motion was approved by a vote of 5-0

Sidewalk Café Report
Per the request of the city commission when they approved an ordinance amendment to allow sidewalk services and sales of alcohol, Boyne City Police Chief Jeff Gaither provided a report regarding any issues that may have arisen.
After research of the police department call log, no incidents related to alcohol services on the sidewalks were reported.
Police officers were polled for any informal reports or complaints and there were none.
The Liquor Control Commission office was also contacted and there were no complaints or violations reported.
Planning director McPherson received comments from Boyne City Commissioners Laura Sansom and Hugh Conklin regarding the narrowing of the sidewalks at one location due to tables and perimeter markers.
That area was checked and found to be in compliance with the ordinance.
Representatives of several restaurants who took advantage of the new ordinance said it was beneficial to their businesses.
No action was taken

Joint Board Meeting
Schedule the city’s annual Joint Board and Commissions meeting was scheduled for 6 p.m. on Tuesday Jan. 17 at the temporary city hall building located at 364 North Lake St.
Approved by a vote of 5-0