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Boyne City Commission Jan. 24 coverage

The Boyne City Commission met recently for its regular bimonthly meeting to discuss daycare zoning, park moneys, and other matters of interest. Following are the highlights of the Tuesday Jan. 24 meeting.


City Manager Report
Boyne City Manager Michael Cain reported the following:
• The new City facilities project is making good progress. The skeletons for the Clock and Bell Towers as well as the 1904 bell were installed last week. Cain showed a short video of the ringing of the bell at installation day.
• New signs at the Waterworks Park and Avalanche Park trailhead are being installed today east of the 1910 Building on Division Street. These were funded by the MPark Grant received last year.
• Kelsie King-Duff was slated to begin as the new Boyne City Main Street Executive Director on Monday Jan. 30.

Daycare Ordinance
Consideration of a first reading for a proposed Group Day Care Ordinance Amendment Request and schedule a second reading for noon on Feb. 28.
Planning Director Scott McPherson discussed proposed changes to the Group Day Care Ordinance.
There is an increasing need for daycare for city residents due to increased city growth and school enrollment.
Group day care is identified as a family home with more than six but not more than 12 children. The current ordinance acts as an impediment to daycares as it requires a 20,000 sq. ft. minimum lot area (as well as additional requirements) whereas the State of Michigan requirements for a play area is 600 square feet.
The Planning Commission recommends the following changes:
1) Principal allowed use by right in all the residential districts and in the
Central Business District
2) No minimum lot size
3) Fenced in play area with a minimum size of 1,200 square feet not to be located in the front building line

Citizens Comments
Ken Allen lives next door to a daycare provider. He thinks the current ordinance is “not appropriate” and too restrictive and he encourages adoption of the new ordinance.

Board Discussion
Boyne City Commissioner Hugh Conklin asked how the current daycares in the city were operating if they didn’t meet the requirements.
McPherson stated he assumes they were “grandfathered” in.
Conklin also asked McPherson to define “Use by Right.”
McPherson explained that if an entity meets all requirements of an ordinance then the city cannot deny their right to operate versus “Conditional Use’ which allows the Planning Commission to make a discretionary decision.
Conklin also inquired why the play area needed to be in the back of the house. McPherson stated it was to avoid children’s interaction with the street.
Boyne City Commissioner Laura Sansom asked how daycares operate in the City with less than six children. McPherson said that is a “Use by Right.”
Previous applicants who were denied a permit to operate a daycare will be notified of ordinance change.
All Commissioners were in support of the recommendation. A second reading of the Group Day Care Ordinance Amendment was scheduled for Feb. 28.

Parks Millage Applications
Consideration to approve submitting application requests for Riverside Park Recreation Addition ($10,655.65), Peninsula Beach Enhanced Access ($7,985.86) and Veteran’s Park/Boyne City Marina Recreation Additions ($5,000) and authorize the city manager to sign all the required documents.
Patrick Kilkenny, Assistant Planning Director, recommended the Commission approve three applications to Charlevoix County for funds to improve local parks.
The applications are due by Feb. 1, and are for the following improvements:
1) Riverside Park Recreation Additions – to install a small parking area, fencing, signage, benches, picnic tables and trash receptacles.
2) Peninsula Beach Enhanced Access – to install a Mobi-Mat to allow enhanced ADA access to the water’s edge for wheel chairs, strollers etc.
3) Veteran’s Park/Boyne City Marina – installation of a kayak launch near the small boat launch and informational signage.
Kilkenny stated that Bulmann Dock & Lift has graciously proposed the donation of a kayak storage rack for both Riverside and Veteran’s Park. The racks hold 6 to 8 kayaks.
There is no limit to the number of applications which can be submitted by the City and they do not have to be rated. This is the third year of a four year millage.

Citizens Comments
Deb Neer asked if any new public restrooms were planned at Riverside Park. Cain stated that the city was looking at improving the restrooms we currently have before building more. Plumbing and electricity have been installed at the corner of River and East streets which can be used if bathrooms are ever installed at Old City Park.

Board Discussion
Commissioner Sansom is appreciative of the kayak storage rack donation from Bulmann Dock.
Commissioner Conklin asked if the gift from Bulman could be used as an “in-kind” match to improve the application? He also asked where the kayak launch will go in Veteran’s Park.
Barb Brooks stated it will be attached to the west side of the dock and the kayak rack will be upland.
A motion to approve the following was unanimously approved:
• To approve submitting an application request in the amount of $10,655.65 and allocate $1,000 of matching fund for the Riverside park Recreation Additions
• To approve submitting an application request in the amount of $7,985.86 and allocate $1,000 of matching funds for the Peninsula Beach Enhanced Access
• To approve submitting an application request in the amount of up to $5,000 and allocate $1,000 of matching funds for the Veteran’s Park/Boyne City Marina Recreation Additions
• Adopt the attached resolutions supporting the application of the projects and authorize the city manager to sign all of the required documents to secure the funds.

Public Notice Publication
Consideration to approve the request to publish the 2017 Board of Review notice in the Charlevoix County News instead of the Boyne Gazette.
Cain asked the Commission to allow the City, for cost-saving purposes and in the spirit of working with the county, to publish the 2017 Board of Review notices in conjunction with the Charlevoix County
Equalization Department in the Charlevoix County News instead of Boyne Gazette, which is Boyne City’s Newspaper of Record.
The cost to run the ad in the Boyne Gazette was $270 versus $75 for the Charlevoix County News.

Citizens Comments
Ken Allen asked how the savings would be realized? Cain said this would not be an additional publication but an alternate publication.

Board Discussion
All support saving money.
Commissioner Conklin asked when the Newspaper of Record is decided.
Cain answered that that issue can be addressed whenever the Commission wishes to take it up.
The motion “To approve the request in an effort of cost savings and in the spirit of working in conjunction with Charlevoix County, authorization to publish the 2017 Board of Review notices in conjunction with the Charlevoix County Equalization Department in the Charlevoix County News instead of the City of Boyne City only publications in the Boyne Gazette” was unanimously approved

Marina Dock Extension Proposal
Consideration to approve the proposal from Flotation Docking Systems to construct and install an extension on the floating “T” dock for a cost not to exceed $37,193 and authorize the City Manager to sign the required documents.
Boyne City Harbormaster Barb Brooks recommended the Commission approve the proposal with Floatation Docking Systems for the floating dock extension that is to be installed this summer. She stated that by using Floatation Docking Systems instead of sending the job out for bids, the City can save money on engineering fees since the City has used this same company for previous projects. Glen Catt has contracted the same firm to build and install the proposed fishing pier and by utilizing the same company we will also save on delivery and mobilization costs. Brooks estimates a savings of almost $7,000.

Board Discussion
Boyne City Commissioner Ron Grunch supported the idea as a cost-saving effort.
Conklin asked if it was OK not to send project out to bid.
Cain stated it was because it is less than $20,000 … and it makes sense.
Conklin also asked if there would be power to the extension.
There will be no power to extension. To extend current electrical service would require reworking entire system and be expensive.
The motion to approve the proposal from Flotation Docking Systems, LLC to construct and install an extension on the floating ‘T” dock for a cost not to exceed $37,193 and authorize the City Manager to sign the required documents was unanimously supported.


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